the LONG story
by rupert huber

high- i met chris eckman in a hut high on austria´s arlberg, where a friend of ours invited us to join a sort of unofficial cultural think tank. we knew each other´s music, there was a certain sympathy in the air and one night we got into jamming. we played an acoustic set -piano, guitar and voice- for 15 people , 2500 meters above sea level, in that hut between rocks, stones and some cows.

far- the closer you are, the bigger seems the distance, and although there is only a 4 hours drive from ljubliana to vienna, the years went by - we met occasionally, and always then said: we would like to „do something together“ . yet there was not the time, nor the idea hatched of how the „electronic“ composer, for whom vocals are instruments like all the others, and the „songwriter“, whose songs were appreciated by fans thinking of them being „real live music“ could create a project together.

rare- in those years i invited chris to join TOSCA for the „john lee huber“ track (on 2005´s J.A.C.), and we did 2 live shows together. he invited me to join him on one or two live shows in vienna, including a jam session with the croatian surf band „bambi molesters“ ...and that was about it, that was how far our collaboration went.

precise- suddenly in late march 2007, we recorded the track „DUST“ in my studio in vienna.
we originally met to jam to a silent movie by director kurt mayer, and after doing so, we started to record the song, more or less without intention. it was finished in two days, and sounded as if it had been there all the time. and from that we began. from now on, we knew what to do, and without being able to verbalize it, we knew that we had something special going on that wanted to show itself to the real world.

close- the next step was „land of the lost“, recorded in ljubliana in june 2007, which turned out to define the meeting point of our music. due to our busy individual lives, including not only touring and studio sessions, but also broken down car engines and collapsed heating systems, our next session did not happen again until march 2008. we jammed for 5 hours with a drummer in a small loft in ljubliana and recorded the session. out of that we generated live loops, treated them electronically, and used them as a base in our next meetings. We recorded most of the other tracks up until the summer of 2009. adding vocals, overdubbing, and editing led to the point where - after a last session working with piano theme of mine (LONG run of days)- we decided: it is done.

essence- LONG is not only the result of piano meeting guitar, soundart meeting songwriting,
but mainly of two men enjoing their ability to play together and share the mutual fun of making music in an immediate, doubt-free and (in the best sense of the word) naive way.
choir , orchestra, percussion and electronics were added in the same spirit,
and the mixdown- in a studio in the woods of the czech republic - made it sound as BIG as LONG should be.

rupert huber, chris eckman, chris eckman, rupert huber...LONG town is surely big enough for both of us.

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