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Follow Me Me Me is the first single from the forthcoming second album Evropi by Greco/German duo Eleni Zafiriadou and Daniel Benjamin, AKA SEΛ + ΛIR. Evropi was recorded and produced by Tim Bruzon of Wave Machines in Liverpool. With a unique musical vision, Follow Me Me Me is the perfect song with which to start exploring the idiosyncratic duo’s sonic universe. Today's the premiere of the new video directed by Sebastian Egerthat.

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It is a vision "inspired by the melodic beauty of J. S. Bach's baroque, the deep and experimental epoch of German 70's music such as Popol Vuh and the big architecture of stadium rock." There are strains of the sweeping, eccentric pop of Owen Pallett and Scott Walker and deft electronic touches, intricately woven instrumentation and mantric vocal sound worlds that wouldn’t sound out of place on a These New Puritans record or a more recent missive from Liars.

SEΛ + ΛIR define their songs as “Ghost Pop“; a mixture of long-lost Mediterranean melodies and exotic instruments telling a story of their own. Influenced by Pontic music and Rembetiko and utilising traditional Greek instruments like the lyra and the bouzouki their music tells the story of the bands adventures across modern day Europe, and combined with their relationship to Europe and Eleni's personal history it became the story of a family that hadn't had a home for generations. The story of a journey from Asia Minor to Greece, Germany and back across Europe, as Eleni says “my family were used to this since my grandmother was expelled from Anatolia in 1922. Being refugees, migrant workers, or musicians. Homelessness is a part of us and one reason why I can't stay at the same place for a long time“.

Follow Me Me Me is an intriguing and beguiling piece… Starting with a burst of cosmic dissonance and opening out into a series of intertwining melodies and insistent rhythmic phrases Follow Me Me Me makes for an arresting and thrilling listen. As producer Tim Burzon says of his creative thinking for it: “I had been listening to TV On The Radio's Dear Science which has loads of drive and space and seamlessly combines acoustic and programmed elements.”

SEΛ + ΛIR have played over 600 shows in 22 countries and spent the last 3 years non-stop touring across Europe as well as stints in the USA and Canada. They are touring the UK in October supporting Duke Special. Nomads at heart Daniel explains how their restlessness is reflected in their music: “Travelling Europe and getting close to all of its different faces while you recognise yourself in it causes a strange tension. The same way the darkness of the past fights the light of the future, these experiences evoke a positive anxiety to Evropi”.

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