posted at 02/26/2015

"All what the other Slow-core giants are missing; Ola Floettum has it in abundance. Music like this can't be more propitiatory, comfortingly, peaceful, uplifting and sensitive." - Ulrich Maurer /

Today we celebrate the release of the new album by The White Birch. Glitterhouse is very happy to announce that "The Weight of Spring" is now obtainable everywhere!

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Life, as it awakes, as it fades, and the time in between. When we lose our strength, and remember things not happened yet.

August 2006 - It was a warm summer's night when The White Birch left the stage at Off Festival in Myslowice, Poland close to midnight. After 10 years band history and four records they played the last show this evening and broke up.

4 years before in 2002 The White Birch released their masterpiece „Star Is Just A Sun“ with Glitterhouse Records. It was a mystical album, quiet and fluent - complecting Cale, Drake and Godspeed You Black Emperor. They started touring and reached bigger audiences. Soon the trite label, „The Norwegian Sigur Ros“ vanished and The White Birch became known as a trademark of ist own.

After that they released „Come Up For Air“ (2005) followed by the afore-mentioned farewell show in Poland. The Wikipedia status shortly changed from “are a band” to “was a band”.

The White Birch though survived in the heart and mind of Ola Flottum who won't forsake his band. Neither in the wintry Oslo of 2008, nor in the summer of 2010, not either in the spring of 2012.

Besides that, Ola Flottum started composing music for films, learned bit by bit how to accompany pictures with his music, and spent further on most of time by writing film scores. „It has taken 9 years, many songs have been thrown out the window before I eventually found my 12 chosen ones. During these years I've lost my mother, started a family, raised two kids, and bought a house in Oslo were I've recorded most of the album in the basement. “, he says. And so he turned all that what life gave and took from him into music, sometimes almost unnoticeable tones and soundscapes.

The Weight Of Spring. The world as we see it. A long road. In the end Darkness will prevail. „Once I was just a boy with the urge to destroy. I did not read these newborn sparks through the wilting trees, I could only see the dark as it came.”

Earth, as it awakes. Warmth. „I was blind, now I can see“, „no more darkened doors“. And as it elapses. Pain. „As the morning dew fell as rain“. The White Birch became Ola Flottum. „A lot of freedom, not always so easy to cope with, since you have to argue with yourself.“

On Flottums side appears the classic educated composer Ole-Henrik Moe playing the violine, the viola and the singing saw. Beside him there's Pal Hausken a Norwegian Academy of music graduate (rhythm section) and Moren Barrikmo who's like Hausken a member of Susanna Wallumrod‘s (vocals on „The Hours“) Magical Orchestra. The next artists to participate in The Weight Of Spring are Ingrid Olava and actress and Flottums dear wife Ellen Dorrit Petersen as well as Ingar Hunskaar who's known for his work with artists like Kings Of Convenience, ST. Thomas, Serena Maneesh and Jaga Jagazzist fine. Last but not least Grammy winning mastering engineer Bob Katz, putting the final touches on „The Weight Of Spring“.

Will we remember this album in future years? And if so whereof? Names? Instruments? The origin of The Weight of Spring? The places it took us to? The White Birch: The Weight Of Spring: Love, as it awakes without making a change. „Love will never change the morning sun, love will never change the way the darkness runs.“

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