posted at 09/26/2018

Dutch psychedelic ‘sixties on steroids’ rockers BIRTH OF JOY have decided to go on a break and take an indefinite hiatus. All earlier announced shows will happen as normal, though they will be the last chances to see the band live, at least for the nearby future.

A final show will be done at Paradiso, Amsterdam on January 3rd, 2019. Please find a full statement of the band below, together with all final live dates!

“Hi everybody,

We have big news, we decided to put Birth of Joy on a hold!

It has been 11 years, 1300+ shows, a lot of different vans, airplanes, boats, instruments, lungs and livers. Good times, bad times, small crowds, big crowds, frustration, euphoria, broken legs, fixed relationships, lost strolls, skipped nights etc. etc. ...but most of all, it was - and still is – about the pure joy of us playing together and sharing the love for great music. First only between the 3 of us, but later (lucky for us) also with many of you! And what a ride we had, you were truly AMAZING!

Though being Birth of Joy also asks for full commitment. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Ok, maybe 350 days a year, but no cheating around. One marriage, one machine, one goal, one path. And it's as simple as this, after 11 years of giving everything we had to Birth of Joy we also started wondering how it would be to explore different paths, musically but also in general.

Unfortunately, the only way to be able to actually even start exploring, would be to put the whole Birth of Joy-machine on hold. As it's such a comprehensive and time consuming machine, doing something else next to it is just not possible. And having the Birth of Joy machine fuelled with only a part of our energy is just out of the question.

Hence we decided to call it quits! Maybe we'll start different bands, maybe not, maybe together, maybe not, maybe we start gardening, or maybe we start our own pub, who knows. Hell, we might even come back together again in a couple a years.

Anyway, for now it’s a stop! We hope you enjoyed the ride - we did for sure - and we hope to see you at our last shows, so we can build a few more of those epic parties we tend to have together!

Our final call will be on January 3rd, 2019 in Paradiso, Amsterdam!

LOVE! - Bob, Kevin and Gertjan“

SEP 29: FR - Beauvais, L’Ouvre Boite
OCT 09: FR - Cognac, Les Abattoirs
OCT 10: FR - Angers, Le Chabada
OCT 11: FR - La Roche Sur Yon, Fuzz Yon
OCT 12: FR - Saint Nazaire, Le VIP
OCT 13: FR - Magny le Hongre, File 7
OCT 19: BE - Brussel, Les Moisquitaires
OCT 20: NL - Nieuwendijk, Xinix Festival
OCT 25: CH - Lausanne, Croc The Rock Festival
OCT 26: FR - Nancy, l'Autre Canal
OCT 27: FR - Bourgoin Jailleu, Les Abattoirs
OCT 28: FR - Besancon, L'antonnoir
OCT 31: BE - Oostende, Manuscript
NOV 13: DE - Dresden, Chemiefabriek
NOV 14: DE - Jena, Kulturbahnhof
NOV 15: DE - Dortmund, Piano
NOV 20: FR - Bethune, Festival Haute Frequence
NOV 22: DE - Osnabrück, Westwerk
NOV 23: DE - Frankfurt/M, Nachtleben
NOV 24: FR - Mulhouse, Le Noumatrouff
NOV 29: DE - Berlin, Cassiopeia
NOV 30: DE - Munster, Rare Guitar
DEC 01: NL - Enschede, Metropool
DEC 08: NL - Eindhoven, Come As You Are Festival @ Effenaar
DEC 13: NL - Deventer, Burgerweeshuis
DEC 15: NL - Leiden, Gebr de Nobel
DEC 18: FR - Rennes, Ubu
DEC 20: NL - Leeuwarden, Neushoorn
DEC 21: NL - Bergen Op Zoom, Gebouw T
DEC 22: NL - Dordrecht, Bibelot
DEC 27: NL - Venlo, Grenswerk
DEC 28: NL - Arnhem, LuxorLive
DEC 29: NL - Uden, De Pul
JAN 03: NL - Amsterdam, Paradiso


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