posted at 10/12/2016

Glitterhouse is very stoked to present 'Voices' the new video by Swedish dream pop pioneers Immanu El! The album’s lead track features a video by Emmy nominated American filmmaker Jeff Penilla. Taken from the short film The Earth The Way I Left It, Immanu El's first official video clip follows the story of a child, using her imagination to cope with a tragedy in the family. A tale of youth, innocence and imagination, Jeff gives his perspective on the video - "I'm a believer that the sounds and textures that are expressed in Voices match very well with the expressive visuals we incorporated into our short film so when I heard the song for the first time, it made sense that the two should compliment one another”.

'Voices' somehow bridges the gap between 'Hibernation''s predecessor In Passage with its post-rock rhythmical fundament, but then opens up wide into its gorgeous chorus. "When writing the song Voices I recalled a story a good friend of mine told me once" says the band’s founder and creative driving force Claes Straengberg, "he had this dream every night, over and over again where angels came to him and sang for him all night long. He was so puzzled because of that dream that he couldn't concentrate anymore on his studies during daytime, and so he had no other choice than to tell the angels one night that they should leave him alone. He never had that dream again. Not sure if he was just inventing this story, but it somehow impressed me”.

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