posted at 10/17/2014

Glitterhouse proudly presents the official trailer of Distance, Light & Sky's forthcoming album "Casting Nets" coming 11/21/2014. Distance, Light and Sky are: Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Dirtmusic), Chantal Acda (Isbells, Sleepingdog) and Eric Thielemans (EARR ensemble):

"Distance, Light & Sky" - Not the title of a post new-age novel, nor the christmas wishes of some purple haired granny after a wizardly seasoned apple cake, nope. Chantal, Chris and Eric (we might as well get familiar right away) are happily lost together in this surrealistic menage a trois. Picture a carpet in some West-African nomad's tent or no, even better imagine that we see our 3 heroes picturing themselves on that imaginary carpet sharing stories, songs, visions and dance (one can always dream). To celebrate the moment and all those many moments and heroes before and after who are and were and will be there to celebrate many more moments and this we hope ad infinitum. Yes dear reader (are you still there?) - this is serious business! Therefore we must keep things light. In a world on fire our 3 heroes decided to step down and become Distance, Light and Sky. Coming together through a desire to build and share an imaginative space for their songs and sounds, where there is a place to connect to a world family of storytellers, singers, griots, shamans, preachers, fools and players a space where time is never only now but past and future together in that now from that space now they are happy to present Casting Nets. Their first album. Recorded at Sono Studios near Prague during the spring of 2014, together with the kindred spirit and good soul Phill Brown behind the studio cockpit, this album came about like a spring breeze. Effortless (well, except for too many weird Czech greek salads and Schnitzels), graceful, as a result of a gentle sharing mood and generous spirits.

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