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09/14/2007 Boy Omega Hope On The Horizon GR 671 CD Details
10/04/2004 Carla Torgerson Saint Stranger CD Details
10/26/2012 Caroline Keating Silver Heart GRCD 745 CD/LP (+CD) Details
01/26/2007 Chris & Carla Fly High Brave Dreamers CD Details
10/12/1998 Chris & Carla Swinger 500 CD Details
05/04/1995 Chris & Carla Life Full Of Holes CD Details
12/06/2013 Chris Eckman Harney County grcd/lp 785 CD/LP(+CD)/Digital Details
11/14/2008 Chris Eckman The Last Side Of The Mountain GR 688 CD Details
09/01/2005 Chris Eckman Novi Svet GR 639 CD Details
02/16/2004 Chris Eckman The Black Field GR 581 CD Details
01/01/2000 Chris Eckman A Janela GR 476 CD Details
01/18/2013 Christine Owman Little Beast GRCD/LP 744 CD/LP (+CD) Details
05/21/2013 Come Eleven:Eleven GRCD/LP 746 2-CD/2-LP+2-CD+7" Details
11/23/2012 Dakota Suite An Almost Silent Life GRCD/LP 742 CD/LP (+CD) Details
11/07/2011 Dakota Suite The Side Of Her Inexhaustible Heart GRCD/LP 730 2-CD / 2-LP (180 Gramm Fold Out Cover) Details
10/10/2010 Dakota Suite w/ David Darling, Quentin Sirjacq - Vallisa GR 707 LP / CD Details
02/02/2007 Dakota Suite Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life GR 656 CD+DVD Details
09/23/2002 Dakota Suite This River Only Brings Poison GR 566 CD Details
02/26/2002 Dakota Suite The Way I Am Sick GR 546 2-CD Details
01/26/2001 Dakota Suite Morning Lake Forever GR 524 CD Details
04/27/2000 Dakota Suite Signal Hill GR 492 LP / CD Details
04/05/1999 Dakota Suite Songs For A Barbed Wire Fence GR 455 CD Details
01/11/1999 Dakota Suite Alone With Everybody GR 445 CD Details
10/04/1998 Dakota Suite Navigator´s Yard GR 451 CD Details
05/05/1996 David Munyon Acrylic Teepees CD Details