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04/20/2018 Scott Matthew Ode to Others GRCD 939 /GRLP 939 CD/LP (+ CD)/Digital Details
03/20/2015 Scott Matthew This Here Defeat GRCD/LP 827 CD/LP (+CD) Details
08/21/2015 SEΛ + ΛIR Evropi GRCD/LP 849 CD/LP (+CD) Details
09/02/2016 Slim Cessna's Auto Club The Commandments According to SCAC GRCD/LP 882 CD/LP (+CD) Details
06/23/2017 Spain Live at the Lovesong GRLP 913 LP (plus Download code) Details
08/04/2016 Terry Lee Hale Bound, Chained, Fettered GRCD/LP 871 CD/LP (+CD) Details
01/27/2017 The DeSoto Caucus 4 GRCD/LP(+CD) 900 CD/LP (Downloadcode) Details
05/02/2014 The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project Axels & Sockets CD/DLP – GR 796 CD/2-LP (+CD) Details
06/27/2014 The Walkabouts Devil’s Road (deluxe edition) GRCD/LP 810 CD/LP (+CD) Details
04/12/2015 The White Birch Star Is Just A Sun GRCD/LP 854 CD/LP (+CD) Details
06/02/2017 Vita Bergen Retriever GRCD 912/GRLP 912 CD/LP (Downloadcode) Details
09/09/2016 Wovenhand Star Treatment GRCD/LP 881 CD/2-LP (+CD) Details
02/01/2016 XIXA Bloodline GRCD/LP 864 CD/LP (+CD) Details