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Date Artist Title Catalog-No Format
04/05/1999 Dakota Suite Songs For A Barbed Wire Fence GR 455 CD Details
01/11/1999 Dakota Suite Alone With Everybody GR 445 CD Details
10/04/1998 Dakota Suite Navigator´s Yard GR 451 CD Details
05/05/1996 David Munyon Acrylic Teepees CD Details
05/03/1994 David Munyon Code Name: Jumper CD Details
11/30/-1 David Munyon Stories From the Curve CD Details
03/04/2004 David Thomas 18 Monkeys On A Dead Man´s Chest CD Details
02/15/2001 David Thomas Surf's Up CD Details
03/28/2014 Dirtmusic Lion City GBCD/LP 011 CD/LP+(CD)/DIGITAL Details
06/07/2013 Dirtmusic Troubles GBCD/LP 005 CD/2-LP(+CD) Details
04/19/2010 Dirtmusic BKO GR 704 CD+DVD / 2-LP+CD+DVD Details
11/23/2007 Dirtmusic Dirtmusic GR 676 CD Details
11/21/2014 Distance, Light & Sky Casting Nets GBCD/LP 824 CD/LP/DIGITAL Details
03/19/2010 Elva Snow Elva Snow GRCD 700 CD Details
09/19/2014 Fofoulah Fofoulah GBCD/LP 017 CD/LP(+digital)/Digital Details
10/04/2005 Friends Of Dean Martinez Lost Horizon GR 640 CD Details
03/04/2004 Friends Of Dean Martinez Random Harvest GR 594 CD Details
10/04/2013 Golden Kanine We Were Wrong, Right? GRCD/LP 777 CD/LP(+CD)/Digital Details
10/07/2011 Golden Kanine Scissors and Happiness GRCD 727 CD Details
04/11/2011 Golden Kanine Oh woe! GRCD / LP 720 CD / LP Details
10/07/2009 Got No Chains The Songs Of The Walkabouts/Various Artists GR 698 2-CD Details
03/27/2015 Hanoi Masters War is a Wound, Peace is a Scar GBCD/LP 021 CD/LP(+DIGITAL)/DIGITAL Details
06/12/2015 Hayvanlar Alemi Visions of a Psychedelic Ankara GBLP 025 LP Details
09/01/2008 Hobotalk Alone Again Or GR 689 CD Details
05/20/2007 Hobotalk Homesick For Nowhere GR 660 CD Details