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01/27/2012 Penelope Houston On Market Street GRCD/LP 735 CD / LP Details
10/02/2006 Pere Ubu Why I Remix Women CD Details
09/04/2006 Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women CD Details
05/02/2006 Rainer 17 Miracles/The Best Of CD Details
12/18/2000 Rainer Live At The Performance Center CD Details
07/24/2000 Rainer Worried Spirits GR 501 CD Details
05/01/2000 Rainer Alpaca Lips GR 482 CD Details
02/02/1998 Rainer Nocturnes CD Details
06/17/2013 Rodrigo Leão Songs (2004-2012) GRCD/LP 759 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
05/03/2013 Samba Touré Albala GBCD/LP 004 CD/LP (+CD) Details
11/29/2009 Savoy Grand Accident Book GR 699 CD Details
02/28/2005 Savoy Grand People And What They Want GR 598 CD Details
01/26/2004 Savoy Grand Lost Horizon GR 591 CD-EP Details
01/31/2002 Savoy Grand Burn The Furniture GR 544 CD Details
09/20/2001 Savoy Grand Survivor GR 542 CD-EP Details
12/22/2000 Savoy Grand Dirty Pillows GR 517 CD Details
06/28/2013 Scott Matthew Unlearned GRCD/LP 770 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
10/28/2011 Scott Matthew To Love Is To Live To Receive Is To Give GRCD 736 EP Details
06/10/2011 Scott Matthew Gallantry's Favorite Son GRCD/LP 723 CD / LP Details
04/24/2009 Scott Matthew There Is An Ocean That Divides... GR 695 CD / LP Details
03/07/2008 Scott Matthew Scott Matthew GR 677 CD / LP+7" Details
11/05/2007 Seachange Disband In Bonn 2007 GR 673 CD Details
05/26/2006 Seachange On Fire, With Love CD Details
04/12/2013 Slim Cessna's Auto Club SCAC 102 An Introduction For Young And Old Europe GRCD/LP 748 CD/2-LP (+CD)/DVD Details
05/23/2014 Sonido Gallo Negro Sendero Mistico GBCD/LP 015 CD/LP+(MP3)/DIGITAL Details