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06/19/2015 Keston Cobblers Club Wildfire GRCD 844 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
08/09/2016 Khmer Rouge Survivors They Will Kill You, If You Cry GBCD/LP 036 CD/LP/DIGITAL Details
04/08/2011 L/O/N/G American Primitive GRCD / LP 717 CD / LP Details
02/13/2009 Lampshade Stop Pause Play CD Details
02/24/2006 Lampshade Let's Away CD Details
10/23/2015 Laraaji Ambient 3: Day of Radiance (Produced by Brian Eno) GBCD/LP 027 CD/LP(+CD) Details
06/14/2010 Lilium Felt GR 712 CD / LP Details
06/01/2004 Lilium Short Stories GR 607 Audio-DVD Details
07/01/2003 Lilium Short Stories GR 583 CD Details
10/27/2000 Lilium Transmissions Of All The Goodbyes GR 509 CD Details
11/15/2013 Lobi Traore Bamako Nights: Live at Bar Bozo 1995 GBCD/LP 003 CD/LP+(CD)/DIGITAL Details
09/20/2010 Lobi Traore Rainy Season Blues GR 711 LP / CD Details
05/27/2016 M.A.K.U Soundsystem Mezcla GBCD/LP 034 CD/LP+DL/DL Details
09/26/2014 Mark Olson Good-bye Lizelle GRCD/LP 816 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
09/23/2009 Michael J. Sheehy Loose Variation On A Near Miss GR 701 CD Details
05/29/2009 Michael J. Sheehy With These Hands GR 692 CD Details
04/06/2007 Michael J. Sheehy Ghost On The Motorway GR 663 CD Details
04/03/2009 Midnight Choir Amsterdam Stranded (Collector's Edition) GR 694 2-LP / 2-CD Details
12/01/2008 Midnight Choir In The Shadow Of The Circus GR 653 DVD Details
06/27/2005 Midnight Choir All Tomorrow`s Tears/The Best Of... 2-CD Details
02/24/2003 Midnight Choir Waiting For The Bricks To Fall CD Details
09/01/2000 Midnight Choir Unsung Heroine CD Details
02/17/2012 Mount Washington Mount Washington GRCD/LP 737 CD / LP Details
10/31/2008 Mount Washington rouge/noir GR 691 CD Details
03/01/2007 Mount Washington Astral Sky GR 665 CD Details