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06/14/2010 Lilium Felt GR 712 CD / LP Details
06/07/2010 The Bambi Molesters As The Dark Wave Swells GR 710 CD / LP Details
05/31/2010 Wovenhand The Threshingfloor GR 713 CD / LP Details
04/19/2010 Dirtmusic BKO GR 704 CD+DVD / 2-LP+CD+DVD Details
04/09/2010 The Great Crusades Fiction To Shame GR 706 CD Details
03/19/2010 Elva Snow Elva Snow GRCD 700 CD Details
02/22/2010 Tamikrest Adagh GR 703 LP / CD Details
01/11/2010 The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project We Are Only Riders GR 702 CD / 2-LP Details
11/29/2009 Savoy Grand Accident Book GR 699 CD Details
10/07/2009 Got No Chains The Songs Of The Walkabouts/Various Artists GR 698 2-CD Details
09/23/2009 Michael J. Sheehy Loose Variation On A Near Miss GR 701 CD Details
09/04/2009 Willard Grant Conspiracy Paper Covers Stone GR 696 CD / 2-LP Details
09/01/2009 Willard Grant Conspiracy Trunk In The Attic EP CD Details
05/29/2009 Michael J. Sheehy With These Hands GR 692 CD Details
04/24/2009 Scott Matthew There Is An Ocean That Divides... GR 695 CD / LP Details
04/03/2009 Midnight Choir Amsterdam Stranded (Collector's Edition) GR 694 2-LP / 2-CD Details
02/13/2009 Lampshade Stop Pause Play CD Details
01/12/2009 Baskery Fall Among Thieves GR 690 LP / CD Details
12/01/2008 Midnight Choir In The Shadow Of The Circus GR 653 DVD Details
11/14/2008 Chris Eckman The Last Side Of The Mountain GR 688 CD Details
10/31/2008 Mount Washington rouge/noir GR 691 CD Details
09/01/2008 Hobotalk Alone Again Or GR 689 CD Details
08/18/2008 Ben Weaver The Ax In The Oak GR 685 CD Details
06/06/2008 Willard Grant Conspiracy Bear Witness GR 652 CD+DVD Details
05/26/2008 The Great Crusades Key To The City GR 684 DVD Details