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06/06/2008 Willard Grant Conspiracy Bear Witness GR 652 CD+DVD Details
05/26/2008 The Great Crusades Key To The City GR 684 DVD Details
05/03/2008 Willard Grant Conspiracy Pilgrim Road GR 683 CD Details
04/18/2008 Hugo Race & The True Spirit 53rd State GR 682 CD Details
03/24/2008 16 Horsepower Live March 2001 GR 681 2-CD Details
03/07/2008 Scott Matthew Scott Matthew GR 677 CD / LP+7" Details
02/04/2008 Timesbold III Seen III Sung GR 680 CD Details
11/23/2007 Dirtmusic Dirtmusic GR 676 CD Details
11/05/2007 Seachange Disband In Bonn 2007 GR 673 CD Details
09/14/2007 Boy Omega Hope On The Horizon GR 671 CD Details
08/01/2007 The Great Crusades Keep Them Entertained GR 672 CD Details
06/15/2007 Ai Phoenix The Light Shines Almost All the Way GR 662 CD Details
05/25/2007 Bigbang Too Much Yang GR 670 CD Details
05/20/2007 Hobotalk Homesick For Nowhere GR 660 CD Details
04/27/2007 Ben Weaver Paper Sky GR 668 CD Details
04/06/2007 Michael J. Sheehy Ghost On The Motorway GR 663 CD Details
03/01/2007 Mount Washington Astral Sky GR 665 CD Details
03/01/2007 The Walkabouts Prague CD Details
02/02/2007 Dakota Suite Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life GR 656 CD+DVD Details
01/26/2007 Chris & Carla Fly High Brave Dreamers CD Details
10/02/2006 Pere Ubu Why I Remix Women CD Details
09/25/2006 Bigbang Poetic Terrorism CD Details
09/04/2006 Pere Ubu Why I Hate Women CD Details
06/16/2006 Wovenhand Mosaic GR 648 CD Details
05/26/2006 Seachange On Fire, With Love CD Details