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Date Artist Title Catalog-No Format
08/23/1999 The Walkabouts Drown GR 461 CD-Single Details
08/02/1999 The Walkabouts Trail Of Stars GR 450 CD Details
02/07/1997 The Walkabouts Death Valley Days GR 404 CD Details
11/12/1993 The Walkabouts Satisfied Mind SP 116/294 CD Details
09/17/1993 The Walkabouts See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens GR 355 CD Details
02/19/1993 The Walkabouts New West Motel SP 81/252 CD Details
04/13/1990 The Walkabouts Rag & Bone / Cataract GR 0085 CD Details
02/04/2008 Timesbold III Seen III Sung GR 680 CD Details
04/04/2004 Timesbold Eye Eye CD Details
12/01/2012 Various Artists Into The Black Vol. 3 grcd 750 CD Details
12/05/2011 Various Artists Into The Black Vol. 2 GRCD 759 CD Details
06/29/2012 Various Artists - Songs For Desert Refugees Various Artists - Songs For Desert Refugees GRCD 739 CD Details
10/23/2002 White Birch Star Is Just A Sun CD Details
09/04/2009 Willard Grant Conspiracy Paper Covers Stone GR 696 CD / 2-LP Details
09/01/2009 Willard Grant Conspiracy Trunk In The Attic EP CD Details
06/06/2008 Willard Grant Conspiracy Bear Witness GR 652 CD+DVD Details
05/03/2008 Willard Grant Conspiracy Pilgrim Road GR 683 CD Details
03/20/2006 Willard Grant Conspiracy Let It Roll GR 646 CD Details
11/01/2004 Willard Grant Conspiracy There But For The Grace Of God/A Short History Of GR 618 CD Details
05/01/2004 Willard Grant Conspiracy From A Distant Shore: Live In The Netherlands CD Details
05/05/2003 Willard Grant Conspiracy Regard The End GR 578 CD Details
06/15/2000 Willard Grant Conspiracy The Green, Green Grass Of Slovenia GR 503 CD Details
09/07/2012 Wovenhand The Laughing Stalk GRCD 765 CD/LP (+CD) Details
04/13/2012 Wovenhand Live at Roepaen GRCD/2-LP 761 CD/2-LP/DVD Details
12/08/2011 Wovenhand Black Of The Ink GRCD 732 Book + CD Details