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04/08/2016 Terry Lee Hale Bound, Chained, Fettered GRCD 871 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
10/14/2013 Terry Lee Hale The Long Draw GRCD/LP 775 CD/LP(+CD)/Digital Details
04/20/2005 Terry Lee Hale Leaving West CD Details
01/27/1995 Terry Lee Hale Tornado Alley GR 359 CD Details
03/18/1994 Terry Lee Hale Frontier Model CD Details
06/07/2010 The Bambi Molesters As The Dark Wave Swells GR 710 CD / LP Details
01/27/2017 The DeSoto Caucus 4 GRCD 900 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
04/11/2014 The DeSoto Caucus The DeSoto Caucus GRCD/LP 798 CD/LP+(CD)/DIGITAL Details
03/08/2013 The DeSoto Caucus Offramp Rodeo GRCD/LP 754 CD/LP (+CD) Details
04/09/2010 The Great Crusades Fiction To Shame GR 706 CD Details
05/26/2008 The Great Crusades Key To The City GR 684 DVD Details
08/01/2007 The Great Crusades Keep Them Entertained GR 672 CD Details
01/09/2006 The Great Crusades Four Thirty GR 642 CD Details
09/27/2004 The Great Crusades Welcome To The Hiawatha Inn GR 611 CD Details
08/01/2002 The Great Crusades Never Go Home GR 559 CD Details
08/31/2000 The Great Crusades Damaged Goods GR 506 CD Details
05/02/2014 The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project Axels & Sockets GRCD/LP 796 CD/2-LP+(CD)/DIGITAL Details
04/19/2014 The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project The Double A-Side Split 7” SI GR 804 7” Details
03/30/2012 The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project The Journey is Long GRCD/2-LP 762 CD/2-LP Details
01/11/2010 The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project We Are Only Riders GR 702 CD / 2-LP Details
12/02/2016 The Walkabouts Feel Like Going Home: Cover Albums GRCD/GRLP 897 3 LP Box Set + 4 CDs Details
06/27/2014 The Walkabouts The Virgin Years Box-Set GRCD/LP 815 6-LP+5-CD Details
06/27/2014 The Walkabouts Nighttown (deluxe edition) GRCD/LP 811 CD/2-LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
06/27/2014 The Walkabouts Devil’s Road (deluxe edition) GRCD/LP 810 CD/2-LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
11/16/2012 The Walkabouts Berlin GRCD/DoLP 749 CD/DoLP (+CD) Details