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Date Artist Title Catalog-No Format
01/01/2000 Chris Eckman A Janela GR 476 CD Details
08/23/1999 The Walkabouts Drown GR 461 CD-Single Details
08/02/1999 The Walkabouts Trail Of Stars GR 450 CD Details
04/05/1999 Dakota Suite Songs For A Barbed Wire Fence GR 455 CD Details
01/11/1999 Dakota Suite Alone With Everybody GR 445 CD Details
10/12/1998 Chris & Carla Swinger 500 CD Details
10/04/1998 Dakota Suite Navigator´s Yard GR 451 CD Details
02/02/1998 Rainer Nocturnes CD Details
02/07/1997 The Walkabouts Death Valley Days GR 404 CD Details
05/05/1996 David Munyon Acrylic Teepees CD Details
05/04/1995 Chris & Carla Life Full Of Holes CD Details
01/27/1995 Terry Lee Hale Tornado Alley GR 359 CD Details
05/03/1994 David Munyon Code Name: Jumper CD Details
03/18/1994 Terry Lee Hale Frontier Model CD Details
11/12/1993 The Walkabouts Satisfied Mind SP 116/294 CD Details
09/17/1993 The Walkabouts See Beautiful Rattlesnake Gardens GR 355 CD Details
02/19/1993 The Walkabouts New West Motel SP 81/252 CD Details
04/13/1990 The Walkabouts Rag & Bone / Cataract GR 0085 CD Details
11/30/-1 David Munyon Stories From the Curve CD Details