Chris & Carla

Swinger 500

Release Date: 10/12/1998 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

Second studio album by the guiding lights in The Walkabouts. This time around Chris & Carla are credited for playing a variety of instruments: guitars, upright piano, Swinger 500 organ, Wurlitzer electric piano, percussion, synthesizer, loops, programming & assorted noises. They share the chores with fellow Walkabouts members past and present (from Grant Eckman to Christine Gunn) as well as assorted guests including steel-player David Immergluck on loan from John Hiatt, trumpet player Oscar Williams, the ex-Thin White Rope bassman John Von Feldt and current Seattle resident Danny Barnes of Bad Livers fame.
Just like the main band, the Chris & Carla duo is steadily developing and refining their sound. As diverse as the last four Walkabouts albums have been (from "Satisfied Mind" to "Setting The Woods On Fire" to "Devil´s Road" to "Nighttown"), "Swinger 500" marks a departure from "Life Full Of Holes". Listen to the instrumental "Bingo Catastrophe" or Oscar Williams´ trumpet playing on "Blue Winter Snow" for proof.

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1. The Good News First
2. Electric Wire
3. New Love Ends
4. Black Rope Tied
5. Fear
6. Swinger 500
7. Funny How Time Slips Away
8. Bingo Catastrophe
9. Blue Winter Snow
10. Mercury Rising
11. Famous Last Words