David Munyon

Acrylic Teepees

Release Date: 05/05/1996 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

David Munyon´s second studio album was released in May `96, a mere 5 years after his debut "Code Name: Jumper". This time his band consisted of Dave Pomery on bass (James McMurtry, Don Williams), Craig Krampf on drums (Melissa Etheridge) and the god-like Al Perkins on guitar, lap-steel and dobro (Emmylou Harris, Stephen Stills, Bob Dylan etc.).

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1. Super Blue
2. Be Bigger Than A Dream
3. Waves Of Monterey
4. Angel With A Busted Wing
5. Coney Island
6. Coffe In Duluth
7. Ain´t No Love In This Rock`n´Roll World
8. Desperate For A Friend
9. Jumper´s Tune
10. Surfin´
11. Shelter From The Storms Of Love
12. Still Got A G.T.O.