Got No Chains

The Songs Of The Walkabouts/Various Artists

Release Date: 10/07/2009 · Format: 2-CD · Catalog-No: GR 698

The Walkabouts turn 25! Time to celebrate one of the most influential bands in Alt. Country as well as Indie-Rock. Milestones of their career were the Americana masterpiece “Satisfied Mind” in 1993, which got them praise from all around the world and several “album of the month” reviews, the raw and rocking “New West Motel”, the dreamy “Devil’s Road” which contained their first and only Top Ten single (at least in several countries), “The Lights Will Stay On” or the Brain Eno-produced “Scavenger”.
Now as a gift to these great people from Seattle, numerous musicians created this tribute album, amongst others Peter Buck from R.E.M., Steve Wynn (Dream Syndicate), Chris Cacavas (Green On Red), Jon Langford of Mekons fame and many many more.

Don’t expect 1:1 copies of the originals, for instance Chris Cacavas’ opening version of “Grand Theft Auto” recalls the atmosphere of Thomas Leer’s “Private Plane” or Throbbing Gristle’s “United”.

“A good songs is a good song”, Bob Dylan once said, and in case of The Walkabouts’ songbook, these versions prove that Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson are indeed truly gifted songwriters.

CD 2 comprises of remastered versions of the originals.

The whole thingis packagedin an extremely beautiful multi-fold digifile plus 16-page booklet.

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Disc 1 - Versions:
01. Grand Theft Auto – Chris Cacavas
02. Cold Eye – Hugo Race
03. Got No Chains – Terry Lee Hale & The Seattle Clams
04. Acetylene – Walter Salas-Humara
05. This Rotten Tree – Willard Grant Conspiracy
06. Sundowner – The Bambi Molesters
07. Christmas Valley – Jon Langford
08. Fuck Your Fear – Chris Brokaw
09. Nightbirds – The Minus 5
10. Jack Candy – Steve Wynn & Linda Pitmon
11. Specimen Days – Savoy Grand
12. Wondertown – Whip
13. Nights Between Stations – Al DeLoner
14. Unholy Dreams – Gary Heffern & Beautiful People
15. The Light Will Stay On – Locas in Love

Disc 2 - The Walkabouts Originals:
01. Grand Theft Auto
02. Cold Eye
03. Got No Chains
04. Acetylene
05. This Rotten Tree
06. Sundowner
07. Christmas Valley
08. Fuck Your Fear
09. Nightbirds
10. Jack Candy
11. Specimen Days
12. Wondertown
13. Nights Between Stations
14. Unholy Dreams
15. The Light Will Stay On