Too Much Yang

Release Date: 05/25/2007 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 670

The powerfull rock outfit Bigbang have managed to establish themselves as one of the leading acts in their home country of Norway. It may not sound like a big achievement in a land of little more than 5 million people, but we are talking aboiut the home turf of bands like Kaizers Orchestra, Madrugada, Röyksopp and a-ha.. Bigbang firmly established their possition in the elite with the album ”Poetic Terrorism” in 2005 with rave reviews, a nomination for the Norwegian equivalent of the Grammy (Spelemannprisen) and over 30.000 records sold.
Ever since the early days, Bigbang have been concidered as one of the best live acts hailing from Norway. Their double (!) Live album ”Radio Radio TV sleep” from 2003 is actually their biggest seller to date (50.000) and by far the most successfull live album ever to be released in Norway.

With their new studio album, Bigbang finaly manages to replicate their awsome live energy on a record. ”To musc Yang” is not just one of their best albums, it is also the most diverse. Bigbangs front man Oystein Greni have had several good people to help out in the studio, like Engineer David Larring (Lauryn Hill, Daniel Lanois etc.), Mixer Michael Ilbert (Cardigans, The Hives etc.), Mixer mikser Sylvia Massy Shivy(System Of A Down, Tool etc.) and mixer Ulf Holand (Motorpsycho etc). The mastering have been put in the able hands of Vlado Meller (Red Hot Chili Pepper, Johnny Cash, Metallica, Mars Volta, SOAD, Audioslave m.fl) at Sony Music Studios, NY.

Oystein Greni have never played on so many strings. TMY offers hard classic rock, but with a catchy pop twist. Names like AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Alman Brothers and Red Hot Chillipeppers might spring to mind, but this is first and foremost the Bigbang sound at it´s best. Let´s not forget that ”Too Much Yang” has been born in the aftermath of a long stay in the US of A, and trip on the road supporting Jack White and the Raconteurs.

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