Terry Lee Hale

Tornado Alley

Release Date: 01/27/1995 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 359

Terry┬┤s third album, which was released in early `95, was recorded by John Keane in Athens/Georgia, a studio that hosted top artists like R.E.M., Nanci Griffith, Vic Chesnutt and countless others. Terry wanted this album to be more reflective of his solo-performances and thus the songs feature his voice, his incredible guitar playing and some subtle use of other instruments, most of them played by John Keane.

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1. Swamp Walk
2. Forget About Love
3. I Remember
4. Lucky World
5. City Life
6. Dakota
7. The Ballad Of Molly & Shelly
8. Little Toes
9. Sam D.T.s
10. Tornado Alley
11. Like Raymond Carver

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