Terry Lee Hale

Frontier Model

Release Date: 03/18/1994 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

Second album and his first for Glitterhouse. It was released in Febuary `94 and was produced by his friend Chris Eckman of Walkabouts fame.

"...it´s truly a fully-realized gem. The arrangements really bring the songs to life (various Walkabouts and other friends help out) while remaining subtle enough to keep the intimate singer/songwriter feel intact. And Terry Lee´s guitar playing has a style and impact all its own - check the slide on `Strange Love´". (Rocket)

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1. Ride Hard
2. Time Bomb
3. Sad Flower
4. Control
5. Useless
6. Strange Love
7. Slow Train
8. All For You
9. Who`s Fooling Who?
10. Backroads
11. Land Of Plenty

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