Pere Ubu

Why I Remix Women

Release Date: 10/02/2006 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

WHY I REMIX WOMEN is a collection of remixes of material from WHY I HATE WOMEN by Pere Ubu. The remixers are Keith Moliné, Michele Temple and Dids (Pere Ubu's soundman). Also included is an alternative album mix from David Thomas.

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1. Moon, I'm Coming Home - Remix by Keith Moliné
2. Blue V Woman - Remix by Michele Temple
3. My Eyes My Lovely - Remix by Gagarin
4. Big Fuzz (Bass & Drums) - Alt. mix by David Thomas
5. I See You - Remix by Michele Temple
6. Dust And Dogs - Remix by Keith Moliné
7. Texan Farewell - Remix by Keith Moliné
8. Blue Gagarin - Remix by Gagarin
9. Light It Up - Remix by Keith Moliné