Notes On Sunset

Release Date: 06/20/2005 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 636

"In 2000 Hobotalk, aka Marc Pilley, released Beauty in Madness, an astonishingly fine album of American-tinged folk-pop. It stood out from other efforts by singer- songwriters by dint of its lack of irony. Pilley’s songs of loss, love and redemption were delivered in a direct fashion, like diary entries sung straight into a microphone.

Then there was Pilley’s voice, a mesmerising and pure instrument that recalled Tim Hardin and David Gates from Bread. Beauty in Madness was an unfashionable concoction, and its descent into obscurity was as rapid as it was incontrovertible. Pilley’s major record label decided to turn him into another David Gray by slathering his new songs with strings, beats and effects. The album was shelved, the label dropped Pilley and that was that. Another talent snuffed out by corporate stupidity. Now, though, Pilley is back and still, in his own words, “howling at the stars”.

Notes on Sunset is not quite in the same league as Beauty in Madness, but it comes close. It bears the same confessional quality, although Pilley has added a little anger to the mix. On the anti-war Letter From a Friend he asks “Is America dying?”, although, typically, it sounds more like a regretful sigh than a roar of disapproval. He has also mixed a little soul into the folk-pop pot, but it’s the lovelorn beauty of songs such as Little Light and In the Arms of Love that still bewitches. Welcome back, Marc." (The Times. 4/5 stars. CD of the week)

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1. Little Light
2. Half Your Life Away
3. Letter From A Friend
4. In The Arms Of Love
5. Book Of Life
6. Give Your Heart
7. Headstones
8. Me & My Mountain
9. Life Amongst These Graves
10. Who Are You Now
11. On The Edge Of Nowhere