Release Date: 02/02/1998 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

A collection of scarifying instrumentals recorded during some time spent camping in a desecreated haunted adobe Convent situated in the middle of the vast Sonoran Desert, surrounded by giant Saguaro cacti and almost impossible to reach by road. Rainer stayed there seven nights with just a portable DAT-machine, some ambient mikes, his tape loops and his vintage guitars. He ended up with about thirty hours of material which he then edited down to six tracks. As with the `Worried Spirits´ album there are no overdubs and no producer, just the live sound of one man and his extraordinary musical vision.

“This is one of those rare special albums you run across every now and then that make you sit up and listen. It defies genre, though if pushed I will call it blues, because the main instruments are a National Steel guitar and a dobro, and the time structures. It opens with a stunning instrumental version of George Harrison's "Within You, Without You," the only cut on the album Rainer didn't write. There are echoes of Ry Cooder's slide playing from the Paris, Texas time period on this album (no small achievement), and yet there is also at times a very ethereal mood evoked. This is a solo album in that there are no credits for other musicians except on the one cut "Ode to N 2 O," where the Grid took his music and applied some other instrumental backing. It is a CD that is exceedingly thought-provoking, and should be heard. Try to find this one: it will be well worth the effort spent.” (The Independent)

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1. Within You Without You
2. Curioser And Curioser
3. Ode To N2O
4. Suck Time
5. Cheeseball
6. Opening Aunt Dora`s Box In 6/8
7. Nod To N2O