Ben Weaver

The Ax In The Oak

Release Date: 08/18/2008 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 685

The majority of this record was written in Berlin, in a friend’s flat in Prenzlauer Berg the summer 07. I would get up every morning, go get coffee, come back, walk up the 5 flights of stairs, and write for the rest of the day. I had many pictures in my head at that time. A lot of them I had been carrying around with me for a while. Berlin gave me the space to see them. The record is not about Berlin, but about what being in Berlin allowed me to create. I don’t think I ever go to a place and write about it, not in a literal way at least. I think I go to places and then the places create something inside me, which becomes a mixture of the place and myself. That “thing” then is what I write about. Berlin is very special in this way. There is so much sky there, so much space. To me Berlin doesn’t end. When I went out walking I never got lost. I don’t believe in getting lost anyways.

When I came home I took all the songs into the studio. I wanted to work with Brian Deck again because I felt like we started something conceptually on the last record that I wanted to extend into this record. At the time of going into the studio the songs existed mostly as words and melodies. I had no fixed ideas about what instruments they would be played on or what the arrangements would be. This was an inspiring way to work because the songs were creating their own fate as we went along rather than following a predetermined fate. In this way they were free, and free is how I work best. My words come from many different places and have many different layers. They are my details, and reflect all the things I take with me from the world I walk around in. The music that accompanies my words has always been very important to me. The role that music plays has constantly been in a state of flux. I don’t like to do the same thing again and again. I want to create environments where my words can live audibly but also unpredictably. It is important that the environment created by the music is sonically true to the story the words are telling. Every story is set in noise. Our lives are set in noise, surrounded by endless noise. I decided if I was going to be faithful to the stories and images I was seeing I would have to explore their depths not only in words but also in sound. I wanted the music to have the same sense of detail and collection that my words have.

I believe in magic, perseverance, and the things I see in the dark. This record is about that. I am incredibly grateful to my audience and all the people who have supported my art. Without someone to reflect us we are invisible.

Thanks for your support.
Ben Weaver

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