Golden Kanine

Oh woe!

Release Date: 04/11/2011 · Format: CD / LP · Catalog-No: GRCD / LP 720

Around ten years ago the two singer/songwriters Linus Lindvall and Andreas Olrog met at a film school in Helsingborg. They found out they shared both taste in music and in films and decided to form a band, since they both sat on a bunch of songs. The result was called Ashtray Hearts an alt country band taking its inspiration from bands like Jayhawks and Wilco. The band split up a few years after and Lindvall moved to Malmoe where he met Micke Sahlin, a drummer from, the recently put to sleep, ”Shakedowns”.

Both Sahlin and Lindvall wanted to start something new with a more direct approach and with more punch. They tried out different musicians, but found themselves alone. They started to persuade Olrog to leave Helsingborg and to come and play music with them. They succeeded. The guys formed “The Luscious Four” with Daniel Melkersson on bass, Lindvall and Olrog on guitar/vocals and Sahlin on the drums. After a couple of years Melkersson left the band and was replaced by Dante Ekfeldt.
They changed their name to Golden Kanine.

The four made a record in which a guy called Marcus Lundquist played trombone on, and soon after they had fallen in love with the idea of a more dynamic sound with more versatile instrumentation than just the classic rock setting of guitars, bass and drums. The idea incorporated the thought of a wall of snares, mandolins, trombones, banjos, guitars, fuzz bass guitar, pianos, the eventual pump organ and trying to combine the sonic noise of indie rock, the delicate and intimate feel of lo-fi and the more danceable parts of folk music.

The idea turned out to be generating quite a stir, both in their home region of southern Sweden but also in Germany and Denmark. The five guys started to record their debut album called “Scissors & Happiness”, which later was released by a German record label called Stargazer. The album got great reviews in German fanzines and magazines and the band kept looking for more ways to get their music out. Golden Kanine took to touring and even more touring and eventually they ended up in the garden of the Glitterhouse mansion playing a set to the crowd of the OBS festival and Golden Kanine soon signed on with Glitterhouse records.
Now here we stand with even more touring done and a whole new record ready to hit your eardrums.

“Oh woe!”

One ill conceived remark about having a new album out next spring during a concert launched a year of febrile work. Few of the songs were in place, rehearsed and tested in public, actually only three, I think. The rest were dug up from under piles and piles of old rubbish and polished into shine while yet a couple were written as we went along. Some of the songs not finished but seconds until stepping in front of the microphone in the studio.
The initial idea, or ideas, was to be faster, more intimate and darker and to have a rougher approach to recording than what we have had before. These ideas coincided well with our friends Mattias Larsson and Henrik Hoffer which took on the immense work of recording the album.
Mattias was a friend of ours since some time back and we knew his strengths as an engineer and producer but with Henrik it was more of a gamble. We knew of him and his band previously but had never recorded or played with him before. The guys committed themselves with great devotion and we spent many great hours in the two studios in which the album was recorded.
The title of the album was actually intended for a side project but sounded great as an album title as well so we went for that instead. The title itself derives from the idea of sudden misfortune and how to deal with such.

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1. Arkham
2. Climb
3. Burial
4. Fire
5. Law of Probable Outcome
6. Get By
7. All Must Die
8. A Change
9. The Devil
10. Oh Lord
11. Back From The Woods

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