Scott Matthew

Gallantry's Favorite Son

Release Date: 06/10/2011 · Format: CD / LP · Catalog-No: GRCD/LP 723

Scott Matthew - Gallantry's Favorite Son (Release Date: June 10th 2011)

„For some it seems a mistake, for me it's a way of life.“ This line from the song Sweet Kiss In The Afterlife tells the story of Scott Matthews‘ life. In a nutshell. A life that is brimming with longing for a sanctuary, for a place to wait for a love that sure will come some day.

But there is a new vibe going on, too, something we are not used from the shy young man with the long beard. Something is different on his third album. „I came to terms with myself“, explains Scott Matthew. He gained confidence and he understood that he has the right to lead a life away from the conservative norm. And that it is about time to tell the world by singing his songs.

A song like No Place Called Hell is a good example for his progress – as it is Matthews‘ very own protest song against bigotry and intolerance, propelled by a mouth trumpet solo. Songs like Felicity, Devils`s Only Child and The Wonder Of Falling In Love carry a positive lightness new to the Australian expatriate. All in all „Gallantry's Favorite Son“ is more playful, more diverse and experimental than it’s predecessors. Yet the lyrics still revolve around his favourite topics – love, the pain of seperation, loneliness – things Scott witnessed over and over again.

And again there are plenty of goosebump moments. Sinking for example, Scott’s most personal song ever. Or when in Buried Alive – a song about a love that died and refuses to be buried - ghostly voices come into the foreground to create a creepy atmosphere. „It's taken this song to expel the dirt“, he whispers in True Sting, mourning about a lost love and creating a new place for his agony – the song.

„Gallantry's Favorite Son“, whose old-fashioned title was chosen deliberately to emphasize Scott’s organic and romantic approach to music, is the almagamation of his experiences since he released his debut album in 2008. His music is like a diary whose secrets he shares with an intimate circle of friends. A circle that is constantly growing. „When friendship becomes family, it helps me with the mystery“, sings Matthew in his song Felicity and does not only mean his long time companions like producer Mike Skinner and muscians like Eugene Lemcio and Clara Kennedy, but also his fans and followers. Together it is easier to endure the daily crazyness, together it is easier to sustain hope.

On stage Scott Matthew is a singular experience. The intensity of his voice is tangible, the listener is awestruck and maybe a little confused. Witness yourself as Scott Matthew will be on tour in Europe from September to November 2011.

About Scott Matthew:
Scott Matthew was born in Queensland, Australia and now lives in New York. He was a member oft he band Elva Snow, which he founded with ex-Morrissey drummer Spencer Corbin. In 2006 various Scott Matthew songs were featured in the soundtrack of the erotic drama Shortbus – directed by John Cameron Mitchell – which increased Scott’s profile considerably. 2008 saw the release of his highly praised debut album „Scott Matthew“, followed by „There Is An Ocean That Divides And With My Longing I Can Charge It With A Voltage That's So Violent To Cross It Could Mean Death“ a year later.

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  1. Black Bird
  2. True Sting
  3. Felicity
  4. Duet
  5. Buried Alive
  6. Devil's Only Child
  7. Sinking
  8. The Wonder Of Falling In Love
  9. Seedling
  10. Sweet Kiss
  11. No Place Called Hell

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