The Great Crusades

Never Go Home

Release Date: 08/01/2002 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 559

Brian Krumm has played every show as a member of The Great Crusades, back in their starting days in Champaign, Illinois, now in the relocated home of Chicago. Brian Hunt's been involved a good long while, too. The two have a bond, dating back to their days in the Suede Chain, a Midwestern act that would hint at great things before their dissolution in 1995.

Christian Moder, who played with Krumm and Hunt in grade-school bands dating back to fifth grade, now stands (yes, stands) behind the drum kit for The Great Crusades. Brian Leach, a longtime friend and songwriter in his own right (Sugarbuzz, Last Gentlemen), plays piano and organ and adds backup vocals and guitars.

The Great Crusades' debut release, The First Spilled Drink of the Evening, garnered immediate praise and recognition from the U.S. and European press. The band's 1999 tour of Germany and Austria successfully introduced the band's powerful brand of lyrical and heartfelt rock, dark yet not necessarily melancholic, to European audiences.

The Great Crusades returned to Europe in 2000 and 2001 to support Glitterhouse Records' release of the band's second CD, Damaged Goods.

Now, The Great Crusades have finished their third CD, Never Go Home, which is a return to the band's rawer beginnings in a sense. Krumm's emotional, story-based lyrics are still at the core of the songs, but a darker, looser, first-spilled-drink feel pervades the new CD, compared to the pop/rock slant of Damaged Goods. Of course, there are songs that pack a wallop when it comes to the raunchy rock-and-roll department ("Hand Grenade Head," "Drive [Red Eye Mission]"), no doubt a result of the band's having played together on stages worldwide since 1998. The Crusades maintain a rare and diverse focus, with a sound that's likely to draw comparisons to The Band, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Gallon Drunk, The Jayhawks, The Replacements, Tom Waits, early Bruce Springsteen, and even folks like Leon Redbone and Morphine.

Great is not just a word in their band name. It's really what they are.

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1. Hand Grenade Head
2. Out Of Our Little Town
3. Field Of Sad Horses
4. Runways
5. Saugerties, New York
6. Back Then
7. The return Of Ol' Carlo
8. Drive (Red Eye Mission)
9. A Star Is Being Borne
10. Phyllis
11. El Gato Feo
12. Devon Avenue
13. Cold Weather
14. Never Go Home

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