Boy Division

Damaged Goods

Release Date: 10/19/2012 · Format: 7" · Catalog-No: GR 743

The Cure, Johnny Cash, Pixies, Rod Stewart, New Order, B52s or The Smiths – in the eyes of God and Boy Division all artists are equal. The songs are put through a LoFi-Garage-Punk meat-grinder using a mega- instead of a microphon. A real drumset was replaced by old buckets and shredded cymbals that are being flailed at like there is no tomorrow.

When Boy Divison caused havoc at the Orange Blossom Special Festival (run by Glitterhouse Records in their company garden) we were extremely excited and instantly offered to release a 7“-EP by Hamburg‘s premier noiseband.

As usual the boys select a musical style and deconstruct the tunes to the bone showing no mercy for the original composition. So each tune unmistakenly is being „boydivisioned“.

For the Glitterhouse EP the noiseboys did recall their post-punk-youth and selected tunes by Joy Division (Transmission), Gang Of Four (Damaged Goods), Heaven 17 ((We Don‘t This) Fascist Groove Thang) and The Clash (London Calling) – doubtless four classics of a great era!

Those who bought the originals an cherish the old vinyl records will love the EP’s artwork as US-artist Jay Ryan has taken the same approach to the cover art – take the original Clash- and Gang Of Four 7“-artwork and deconstruct it!

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01 Damaged Goods
02 (We Don`t Need This) Fascist Groove Thang
03 London Calling
04 Transmission

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