Christine Owman

Little Beast

Release Date: 01/18/2013 · Format: CD/LP (+CD) · Catalog-No: GRCD/LP 744

A mesmerizing show, headbanging on stage to obscure movie projections from the 20s – playing the saw, the cello, the ukulele and singing through effect pedals.

Robert Plant said he liked what he heard when I opened for him in Stockholm. As a Zeppelin fan this was a big moment for me”
- Christine Owman

Little Beast
Since the release of the album Throwing Knives 2010, apart from writing music to three theatre pieces (one in the US/Canada/UK and two in Sweden) Christine Owman from Sweden has been touring Russia, Italy, The UK, Iceland, Germany, Canada and the US promoting her album. In 2012, when finishing her new album Owman was signed to Glitterhouse Records. As a cellist Owman has roots in classical music but as she started listening to rock, psychedelic and experimental music at a young age. Producing everything herself, Christine has created music that is a dichotomous blend of dreamy folk and raw distortion, reverb, bass and noise expressed through clever, uninhibited lyrics. Owman is a young woman eager to express herself without the limitations of conventional boundaries. The forthcoming album - Little Beast is set to be released on January 18 2013 and includes two songs with guest vocals from Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, Gutter Twins).

Christine Owman has travelled the world with her captivating and unconventional performances with movie projections from the 20s, the cello, the saw and singing through effect pedals. She has not only toured everything from Russia, Italy, The UK, Iceland, Germany, Canada and the US with her album – Throwing Knives - but she has also written music for two theatrical performances – one in Sweden (Exit Presence) and one in New York City (Endure) and a third one is in the making.

The importance of perspectives
Burlesque dancers, mothers throwing knives at their daughters and courageous men shot through canons.. Inspired by visual art, documentaries and films Christine Owman makes movie projections for all of her songs. ”… they are another perspective of my music. And the contrasts they make express another side of me.”

Christine Owman has worked & toured with a number of talented, well-known musicians in different bands throughout the years. Including Golden Kanine, Andi Almqvist and members of the Cardigans (Magnus Sveningsson & Lasse Johansson) in the psychadelic stoner band DunDun where Christine sings and plays the guitar. Her latest collaborator is Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) who sings with Christine on two of her songs which will be relesed on Christine's third fullength album through Glitterhouse during January 2013.

Christine Owman - Familiar Act (feat. Mark Lanegan):

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01 Wait No
02 One of the Folks (feat. Mark Lanegan)
03 Fear & the Body
04 Familiar Act (feat. Mark Lanegan)
05 Deathbed
06 Day 1
07 I'm sorry I
08 Devils Walk
09 I'd rather die than play dead
10 Your Blood

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