The DeSoto Caucus

Offramp Rodeo

Release Date: 03/08/2013 · Format: CD/LP (+CD) · Catalog-No: GRCD/LP 754

Offramp Rodeo” is the second album from Howe Gelb affiliates, The DeSoto Caucus, and their first international release.

After years of touring as part of Giant Sand, these are the impressions from the dusty trail, transformed by the native Danes into a slightly melancholic singer-songwriter based indie-rock. A very original music with brilliant and sometimes downright complex grooves, cool guitar work, and a timeless vintage soundscape inhabited by organs, maracas and vibraphones. Add to that two handfuls of clever and intriguing lyrics, haunting voices, and great dynamics, and you get the picture.

The DeSoto Caucus
was started when Anders Pedersen, Thøger T. Lund and Peter Dombernowsky sat around during their Giant Sand bandleader Howe Gelb's successful run with a bunch of Canadians and The Voices of Praise gospel choir. Elite Continental Custom Club became the first released recording under the Desoto Caucus name and soon the trio started opening for themselves on Giant Sand tours. The initial idea always having been for the band to serve as a basis for playing with anyone interesting around, an invitation from the band's hometown of Aarhus, Denmark offered an opportunity to work with Kurt Wagner as a steady five-piece. Following the success of that cooperation, the band started a tradition of putting on shows at the annual Aarhus Festival, bringing in gifted singers and songwriters for one-off shows under the Medium-Rare Sessions moniker. 2013 it's time for the second album at last. Offramp Rodeo will be released in March 2013 at Glitterhouse Records.

The Desoto Caucus - Live In The Stream music video:

The DeSoto Caucus is:

Anders Pedersen singing & playing guitars /// Peter Dombernowsky drumming, shaking, snapping & clapping /// Nikolaj Heyman singing, playing guitars and bass, keyboards /// Thøger T. Lund singing, playing upright bass, clarinet & piano

For fans of: Howe Gelb, Giant Sand, Nive Nielsen, Spain, M.Ward, Lambchop, Conor Oberst, Calexico

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01 Live In The Stream
02 OCB
03 Offramp Rodeo
04 Leaving Odessa
05 Full Moon
06 Here's One
07 Fire Sale
08 Even So
09 Polaris
10 Last Call

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