Andrea Schroeder

Where The Wild Oceans End

Release Date: 01/31/2014 · Format: CD/LP+(CD)/DIGITAL · Catalog-No: GRCD/LP 776

Andrea Schroeder - Poetess of the Night

Once in a while, Germany offers uniquely talented female singers, and Andrea is one of those. Draw yourself a line from Marlene Dietrich over to Nico, add some dashes Chamber Pop in the vein of The Tindersticks to it and you come close. Discovered and loved by such illustrious people like Charles Plymell or Mike Watt, Andrea Schroeder is such an exceptional phenomenon. She's a musical poetess, with an outstanding voice that is as fascinating as her thrilling and melancholic lyrics. „Where The Wild Oceans End“ is Andrea's second album produced by Chris Eckman (The Walkabouts, Tamikrest, Midnight Choir) and analogue recorded at the Ocean Sound Recording Studios, Norway very close to the Atlantic coast. If you compare her forthcoming release to the critical acclaimed debut album „Blackbird“ you must admit that she has taken the next big step. Andrea Schroeder and her band, including Danish guitarist and songwriting partner Jesper Lehmkuhl (Farmen), have made an unbelievable progression since releasing „Blackbird“ on Glitterhouse Records in 2012. Focussing on her seductive but threatening voice and the charateristic melancholic storys Andrea's musical vision is still growing. „Where The Wild Oceans End“ is an album as it was made from one piece: it leaves its marks but inspires your soul and ends in deepest satisfaction.

Pressquotes for her debut “Blackbird”:

"A powerful album full of drama and melancholy" - Rolling Stone, Germany

"The incredible music of Andrea Schroeder.
An exceptional talent."
- Bay Area Papers, California

"A dreamy as well threatening music
with an almost sad attitude." -
Süddeutsche Zeitung

"A terrific voice, hypnotic sounds
of extreme beauty."
- In Viaggio, Italy

"Melancholic, of Nick Cave and Patti Smith
reminding songs"
- SZ, Germany

"Sometimes the songs remind of Velvet Underground,
then again of Patti Smith."
- TZ, Munich

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01 Dead Man's Eyes
02 Ghosts Of Berlin
03 Until The End
04 Helden
05 Fireland
06 The Spider
07 Where The Wild Oceans End
08 The Rattlesnake
09 Summer Came To Say Goodbye
10 Walk Into The Silence

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