16 Horsepower


Release Date: 04/01/2001 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 497

You might have already seen 16 Horsepower live on stage. If so, you probably belong to the converted and you will buy this live-album without hesitation. Because a 16 Horsepower live concert is one of the most intense musical experiences you can ever witness. While it is always difficult for a great live band to capture their stage brilliance on record, „Hoarse“ succeeds on every level.

These great sounding 11 songs were recorded in Denver and Pairs. Apart from a great selection of songs from their songwriting past they play three cover-versions that will make your jaw drop: „Bad Moon Rising“ by Creedence Clearwater Revival, „Fire Spirit“ by The Gun Club and a mega-intense „Day Of The Lords“ by Joy Divison.

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1. American Wheeze
2. Black Soul Choir
3. Bad Moon Risin`
4. Low Estate
5. For Heaven`s Sake
6. Black Lung
7. Horse Head
8. South Pennsylvania Waltz
9. Brimstone Rock
10. Fire Spirit
11. Day Of The Lords

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