16 Horsepower

Secret South

Release Date: 04/13/2000 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 480

We are proud as hell to be able to present you the third album by one of our all-time favourite bands – 16 Horsepower.

Please note that the album is also available on 180 gramm vinyl.

“This is one secret that begs to be shared.” (Q. ****)

“Influenced by folk’s more whacked out, gloomy, voodoo-visioned forebears, 16 Horsepower continue to narrate their haunting campfire-punk yarns without a modern-day care in the world. Instead, David Eugene and his melancholia-drenched posse of LA dreamers prefer the dark grandeur that only comes with mournful swathes of countryfied guitar, of heavy-hearted violins, pianos and accordions, of lonesome banjo-picking and Ennio Morricone tautness. Add a dash of Dylan-esque roots-philosophy and the result is a forlorn dustbowl saloon bar where Nick Cave woefully sinks bourbons with the Gun Club only moments after a loved one’s funeral parade. There’s scant evidence of the year 2000 within the desolate pleas of ‘Burning Bush’, the ghostly magnificence of ‘Praying Arm Lane’ or the superlative rendition of trad classic ‘Wayfaring Stranger’ but 16 Horsepower aren’t about such misleading concerns. For them, the objective was to make a fucking brilliant album where the mood is king, the delivery is queen and studied modern coolness is a jester that’s one misplaced quip away from being the lion’s breakfast. And, of course, they’ve succeeded. Sometimes, you just have to accept that there’s, ahem, nothing as pure as folk.” (NME. 9/19)

“It´s rare these days to find an album that immediately reaches out from the speakers and hits your where it hurts. Combining their instrumental dexterity with inspired songwriting and a voice capable of bringing you to your knees, Secret South is a deeply affecting album.
Lead singer andguitarist David Eugene Edwards sings with the passion of a preacher man pleading for mercy in front of some other worldly force. Their twisted form of blues has never sounded so awesome. Absolutely essential hearing.” (Western Mail)

“…these 11 tracks are all darkly mysterious, thrillingly unsettling and so fiercely intense as to be almost frightening. There are somehow echoes of Hustonm´s `Wise Blood´ in the way this viscous, spooked mix of Southern blues and Appalachian folk and bluegrass is spread so vividly through lowering rock dynamics and when Edwards holler in anguish about stones crying out, tongues confessing and the earth awaiting (`Praying Arm Lane´), well, he makes Nick cave sound like Shirley Temple.” (Time Out London)

“There´s bleak and then there´s bleak. This is the latter, an emotionally disturbed, electrically charged scream of rock-infused country…. Vocals force their way through a twisted mix, aturn-of-the-century medicine show caught up in a backporch horror flick. Influences? Too frightening to imagine… Powerful and magnificient.” (Country Music International)

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1. Clogger
2. Wayfaring Stranger
3. Cinder Alley
4. Burning Bush
5. Poor Mouth
6. Silver Saddle
7. Praying Arm Lane
8. Splinters
9. Just Like Birds
10. Nobody Cept You
11. Strawfoot

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