The Bambi Molesters

As The Dark Wave Swells

Release Date: 06/07/2010 · Format: CD / LP · Catalog-No: GR 710

„The Bambi Molesters are the best Surfrock-Band on the planet!” This sentence was not invented by a marketing expert to maximise sales, but was said by no other than Peter Buck, in real life guitarist/songwriter in R.E.M., after witnessing them rocking out day after day as support band for a R.E.M. Euro tour. Not bad for a band from Croatia, one of the most unlikely places for a band to salute the Big Wave.

Dalibor Pavicic (first guitar) and Dinko Tomljanovic (second guitar) formed the Bambo Molesters in 1995 and once the rhythm section of Lada Furlan Zaborac (bass) and Hrvoje Zaborac (drums) were recruited, they recorded the songs for their 1997 debut „Dumb Loud Hollow Twang“ in a mere 3 hours. Even in the early days the band had already defined their sound: raucous rhythm guitar intertwines with energetic lead played with the utmost precision, while bass and drums lay down a boisterous foundation. But despite all their technical finesse this band never forgot that music needs soul to work its way beneath the skin.

From the beginning the quartet functioned as an entity, fueled by their love for obscure sixties punk, early soul and african rhythms – music that was incredibly difficult to find in their homeland Croatia. But as soon as they played live in their hometown Sisak their reputation within surf-circles (and beyond) spread like wildfire, which resulted in live-gigs as far away as Wellington/New Zealand – place with better record shops…

While a lot of bands of the genre simply retread old waters trying to create the vintage style note by note, the Bambi Molesters are never derivative and add a unique Eastern vibe to the proceedings. The band built their reputation of being the titans of surf with the albums „Intensity!“ and „Sonic Bullets: 13 From The Hip“ – the latter being release on european top label Big Beat.

Chris Eckman of Walkabouts fame did not only play on Sonic Bullets, but formed the Band The Strange with vocalist Eckman being backed by the Croatian surf masters. It was only obvious that Eckman would produce their next studio album, their first in nine years. One can tell Eckman’s “handwriting” from the elaborate arrangements, a few horns to add flavour, some strings to deepen the feeling, subtle keyboards here and there, but nothing to distract from the seasoned but still burning hot playing of the Croation four.

“As The Dark Wave Swells” could have been the soundtrack to Pulp Fiction. “As The Dark Wave Swells” would make Ennio Morricone proud. “As The Dark Wave Swells” is more John Barry than Dick Dale. “As The Dark Wave Swells” is the spectacular new album by The Bambi Molesters.

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01. As The Dark Wave Swells
02. The Kiss-Off
03. Wrong Turn
04. Point Of No Return
05. Into The Crimson Sunset
06. Panic Party
07. Lazy Girls Hangout
08. Siboney
09. Mindbender
10. Thunderin' Guitar
11. Rising East

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