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Release Date: 02/03/2003 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 574

A certain Wim Vandekeybus is the choreographer of the highly reputed Belgian dance theatre Ultima Vez. When Wim was looking for the music for his next project (composers for previous scores have been Marc Ribot and David Byrne) a friend recommended to check out 16 Horsepower. Wim went, saw and was enthused.

So was 16 Horsepower´s songwriter David Eugene Edwards: “Wim goes about dancing in a very physical way. I find him to be sincere with regard to his emotions and creativity. His dancers look grubby, dripping with sweat. They dance with full dedication. I was not afraid of this assignment. In the end he chose me for what I do. That took a lot of pressure off me.” Departure point of “Blush” is “isolation and liberation”. How do you become physically isolated? How do you communicate with others in this isolation, in this irritating world...? What do you try to hide and which situations make the silent witness - the public - blush? Opposite this physical isolation is mental isolation. This immeasurable, influencible interior world is actually bound to the tangible outside world. It's like a prison without walls, in which horizons don't exist, in which man can make all his desires happen himself.

A state of mind David Eugene Edwards could easily relate to. He took some songs from his recently released “Woven Hand” solo-work, deconstructed them and wrote new material and scores around the basics. „A tailor made opportunity to broaden my musical horizons“, says David Eugene. “For some time I have been wanting to work with non-musical sounds. This was my chance.”

Back in Denver David Eugene reworked the original score into a fully developed album. An album that is more than the music to a ballet, with real songs that are as dark and deeply emotional as everything this “songwriter of apocalyptic intensity" (Uncut) has ever done.

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1. Cripplegate (Standing On Glass)
2. Animalitos (Aint No Sunshine)
3. White Bird
4. Snake Bite
5. My Russia (Standing On Hands)
6. The way
7. Aeolian Harp (Under The World)
8. Your Russia (Without Hands)
9. Another White Bird
10. Story And Pictures

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