Chris Eckman

A Janela

Release Date: 01/01/2000 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 476

Only available via the Glitterhouse mailorder! After two handful of albums with the Walkabouts and a couple of albums as Chris & Carla, the first real solo album by the songwriter, guitarist and singer has become reality.
The songs was originally recorded for himself as a kind of therapy, so he could deal with various problems. The recordings were done between June 1998 and July 1999 in studios in Portland, Seattle and Lisbon with no participation of other Walkabouts members.
At first Chris didn´t want to release the album, it was too personal. But when he allowed us to listen to it, we convinced him in releasing it as a Mailorder Only CD, because we knew fans of his music would love it.
Sad though, because "A Janela" has the quality that would deserve a regular album release. I can tell no significant differences in musical quality between "Trail of Stars", "Swinger 500" and "A Janela". Each album functions well on his own, but at times I can't tell which of the three I like best.
Of course Chris doesn't make any quantum leaps in his music. He has not changed the basics of his song writing in any major way and his voice sounds as warm and familiar as always.
Chris gave his songs room to breathe, the arrangements are neither lush nor sparse, it just feels right. There is plenty of piano, there is a trombone in "Intrusions", you hear a Lisbon street scene in "Rua Augusta" and the delicate steel in the wonderful ballad "Other Side Of Night" – little icings on these 12 first class compositions.
I have a very old theory that songwriters who are under emotional stress are able to create exquisite music (Gram, Gene, Nick, Tim, Townes…), music that has the extra edge. You can add “A Janela” to that list.

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