Dakota Suite

The Way I Am Sick

Release Date: 02/26/2002 · Format: 2-CD · Catalog-No: GR 546

The prolific Chris Hooson and his band Dakota Suite returns with another project. While preparations for the recording of the next “real” Dakota Suite album are under way (with American Music Club´s Bruce Kaphan in the producer chair), the Leeds-based band asked us whether we would fund a more classically orientated session. We agreed, of course. “The Way I Am Sick” is the result.

To make things even more special for the listener we added a second CD, which is a compilation of the instrumental pieces on their previous releases (without “Navigator´s Yard”, which was instrumental throughout): “Songs From The Barbed Wire Fence” (`98), “Alone With Everybody” (`98), “Signal Hill” (2000) and “Morning Lake Forever” (2000).

Some thoughts on the recording by Chris Hooson:
“Well. It started out a couple of years ago really. I was sent a poem by a guy called Elliot Sturdy, it really moved me and within a few days I had composed the basic theme which was really my reflection on his poem, rather than just do it in the usual piano plus a cello vein that is the usual approach for the band I started to really want to do a full chamber orchestra piece. I had always wanted to do it and I just felt that we should take our time with it, however what this meant was that Colin and I would get together every three months whilst we were weekending together (and when our wives would let us go spend time at the piano!) and just explore the piece and change bits around.

Pretty soon we had it finished and then the nightmare began. It was amazingly difficult getting those 20 players all playing at the right pitch and in time. Man how difficult are string players to work with! Don’t try this at home anyone, it nearly drove me to go work at a shoe shop instead!

So when it was finished we went into the studio and did some smaller pieces with a quartet and I am really happy with the finished result. I just wish that someone would let me lose on a film score, that is my big dream really …this is if you like an imaginary filmscore for a film called `The Way I am Sick´.”

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CD 1
1. The Way I Am Sick
2. My Awakening
3. Falling Apart I
4. The Emptied Ocean
5. Just Below The Surface
6. Lesseps (For Strings)
7. Before She Was On Her Own
8. Black River Falls
9. Falling Apart II

CD 2
1. Your Vigour For Life Appals Me (Part 1)
2. One For The Shoeshine Man
3. Loss
4. About When We Met
5. Lesseps (Original Version)
6. To Have Wondered (1943-1996)
7. December 8th 1980
8. Episode
9. I Turned Away So That I Might Not See
10. Bereavement And Loss

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