Dakota Suite

Morning Lake Forever

Release Date: 01/26/2001 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 524

“Morning Lake Forever” is a good example for the creativity of Chris Hooson and his band Dakota Suite. Originally planned as a 7” for the Spain-based Houston Party Records, the project quickly grew into a 35-minute/7-track-CD and 30-minute/6-track-10”. We now co-release this interim-album with Houston Party Records in the rest of Europe.

The album starts with the epic “Chapel Rain”, glorious 9-minutes in all their melancholic beauty. “Turk 1”, originally available on a limited edition Leeds fanzine release, is a rhythmic, jazzy instrumental, which is followed by "Your Vigour For Life Appals Me (Part 1)", one of those great atmospheric piano pieces the band does frequently. The same spirit is kept through “The Streets Were All I Saw”, again piano, some strong and vocals – pure Nick Drake magic.

”Lesseps” is an instrumental, this time played with an electric piano and some nice-sounding backwards noises, a song which reminds me a lot of the Twin Peaks soundtrack by Angelo Badalamenti. “Because I Could Not Wait For Death” which was only available on a volume of Out Of The Blue, but much requested by fans at live shows for inclusion... it is Dakota Suite´s interpretation of a Charles Bukowski short story called “You Kissed Lilly”.

The CD bonustrack is another gorgeous piano piece, which again puts me back to the Twin Peaks days.

What started as a 45 grew into a wonderful record! Not to be missed!

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1. Chapel Rain
2. Turk 1
3. Your Vigour For Life Appals Me (Part 1)
4. The Streets Were All I Saw
5. Lesseps
6. Because I Could Not Wait For Death
7. About When We Met

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