The Walkabouts

Drunken Soundtracks

Release Date: 07/25/2002 · Format: 2-CD · Catalog-No: GR 561

The Walkabouts are a very prolific band. There is always an idea, a concept, a soundtrack, a compilation-appearance here, a cooperation there. Not only do they deliver a new album regularly, they also record and tour as Chris & Carla, and lately have founded the band I (with a record on Glitterhouse), which consists of Chris, Carla, Glenn and two more Eckman brothers, who´ve been in the very first incarnation of the band.

A few years ago we released “Death Valley Days”, which compiled the lost songs from 1985 - ´95. One might think that there can´t be any more “Lost Songs & Rarities”, but there are, more than 2 CDs worth of them.

This two CD-set features 29 songs “that got away” between 1995 and 2001 – tracks for compilations, cover-versions, remixes, outtakes, only one live-track and a lot of B-sides for singles that weren´t even released. In reverse order, too, so CD 1 starts with studio-material from August 2001 and ends with the title-track from the Glitterhouse Mailorder-Only CD “Where The Air Is Cool And Dark”, recorded in `96.

The latter was the last track the band delivered before they signed to Virgin, where the band would have quite some success initially. “Drunken Soundtracks” features a handful of excellent tracks from the major-labels days that only saw the light of days on CD-singles or promotional releases.

While the indivual band albums were always founded on a concept which was finally formed into a new release, on “Drunken Soundtracks” we find a band that stretches out, that crosses stylistic boundaries, that tries a lot a lot and suceeds each and every time.

It is pretty obvious that we love this band that´s been with us for a long time. And based on those 29 tracks (they didn´t even use) from the past 5 years it is refreshing to see that there´s still plenty of life in The Walkabouts.

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Disk: 1

1. Drunken Soundtracks
2. Unbreakable
3. People Such As These (Kevin's Dub)
4. Shot Bajou
5. How Many Times (Must The Piper Paid For His Songs)
6. Sorry Angel
7. Undermine
8. Call Me Back Again
9. On The Day
10. Desert Skies
11. Albuquerque
12. The Getaway
13. Bonnie & Clyde

Disk: 2

1. Rage On
2. Death's Black Train
3. Thieves Like Us
4. Corcovado (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars)
5. Cover Of Darkness
6. Silver City
7. Sanitorium Blues
8. Cowbells Shakin'
9. Come Along
10. The Light Will Stay On
11. Desierto
12. Glory Road
13. Winded
14. Incognito
15. Master Of None
16. Theme From "Where The Air Is Cool And Dark"

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