Willard Grant Conspiracy

The Green, Green Grass Of Slovenia

Release Date: 06/15/2000 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 503

During the fall of 1999 the Willard Grant Conspiracy toured through 15 european countries as support for the Walkabouts. The tour ended in Slovenia and one of the last shows was recorded by Radio Slovenia.
As we´ve been fans of the band since their very first album (a track appeared on “Luxury Liner Vol. 1”) we are very happy that they gave us the opportunity to release this wonderful album as a mailorder only CD.

The quartett begins the show with their vocals - acoustic guitar - electric guitar - violin line-up and celebrates four moody songs („Another Lonely Night“, „Evening Mass“, „Catnap In The Boom Boom Room“ and „Morning Is The End Of The Day“) before they are joined by Walkabouts drummer Terri Moeller for the “Ballad Of John Parker”. More Walkabouts are added to the line-up and “How To Get To Heaven” gets a more than impressive full electric treatment. This is followed by the dark and quiet “The Work Song” (with extra backing vocals) and the grand finale – almost 8 minutes of “The Visitor”. The song culminates in a Velvet Underground-style freak out before singer Robert Fisher brings it home with his dark and brooding voice. Just marvellous!
Records like these are usually bought by fans, enthusiasts and those already converted. Those can do no wrong, but it deserves a lot more…

The CD comes in a beautiful Digifile.

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1. Another Lonely Night
2. Evening Mass
3. Catnap In The Boom Boom Room
4. Morning Is The End Of The Day
5. Ballad Of John Parker
6. How To Get To Heaven
7. The Work Song
8. The Visitor