Willard Grant Conspiracy

There But For The Grace Of God/A Short History Of

Release Date: 11/01/2004 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 618

“Cutting the `merry´ out of Americana, WGC are one of the scene’s most reliable bands, contemplating morality and mortality with the help of some melancholy downhome instrumentation and the authoritative pulpit vocals of Robet Fisher. This compilation marks eight years of spiritual pondering – not to mention five studio albums – and is a fine way for a bunch of self-confessed storytellers to continue their band’s own twisted narrative. From the knocking-on-heaven’s door melancholy of Morning Is The End Of The Day, the first song they ever recorded, to the as-live version of Dig A Hole and eccentric storm-lamp ballad The Trials Of Harrison Hayes, these 17 evocative tracks bear out their claims that Joy Division nestles in their hearts alongside Woody Guthrie.” (Mojo)

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1. Morning Is The End Of The Day
2. The Ostrich Song
3. Child’s Prayer
4. Bring It Down
5. Bring The Monster Inside *
6. Evening Mass
7. St. John Street
8. Rainbirds
9. The Work Song
10. Another Lonely Night
11. I Miss You Best
12. Love Doesn’t
13. Sticky
14. Christmas In Nevada
15. Ballad Of John Parker
16. The Trials Of Harrison Hayes
17. Dig A Hole *
* = unreleased