Savoy Grand


Release Date: 09/20/2001 · Format: CD-EP · Catalog-No: GR 542

Appetizer for the Burn The Furniture album, their first real full-length (Dirty Pillows was a combination of their first single and debut mini-album).

The tracklisting is as follows: Survivor (albumtrack), Glen A. Larson (a radical instrumental remix - totally unrecognisable compared to the album track), Old Turkey (an Xmas song they did for VPRO in Amsterdam) and the majestic Burn the Furniture (although this is the title of the album, this track won´t be on it. It is exclusive to this EP).

The disc is packaged in a fine digifile (cardboard, no plastic) and has a running time of about 25 minutes!

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1. Survivor
2. Glen B.Larson(Melting Point Remix)
3. Cold Turkey
4. Burn The Furniture