Savoy Grand

Burn The Furniture

Release Date: 01/31/2002 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 544

A bit like their music, things in the world of Savoy Grand move slowly, but very surely.

Formed in 1997, around singer-songwriter Graham Langley, it was 1999 that they were named by the NME (alongside other obscure acts such as Coldplay) as one of the best new bands to watch in the future. Later that year they released the debut 7” single “The Moving Air” on Leicester’s Pickled Egg label. This record received great press and narrowly missed being NME’s single of the week, as the weather at the time was “too sunny”. They followed this a year later with the five track mini-album “Dirty Pillows”, which was released by Narwhal Records in the UK, and (combined with the 7” tracks) in Europe by Glitterhouse Records, in early 2001.

Now we come to the end of 2001, and what is effectively their debut album: “Burn The Furniture”- A nine track epic, recorded over several weekends in 2001 (they all have day jobs, and having previously been based in Nottingham, they are now scattered around London and the Midlands).

Where earlier recordings captured the live frailty of the band, this release is more focussed and distilled - Using dramatic dynamics, string quartets, and subtle electronics to open up the dark lyrical world inside the songs.

These songs concentrate on the small things that can change your life, or someone elses… Regrets, Frustrations, and Hopes. The things people don’t say, and why they don’t say them… The final track “Face Down In a Fountain” sums these themes up: “the things you don’t notice… are the things closest… you’re just a passer by”.

Track by Track:

A trained dog: The first of many songs about the modern human desire to try and squeeze the joy out of everything.

Moonlit: - a song about accepting who you are. Maybe about growing older and not having to worry about the pointless things in life, but concentrating on the good stuff like sex and death. All impossible of course.

Glen A Larson:- a sinister tale of a childhood slowly but surely twisted out of shape. About mistakenly thinking its better to keep your mouth shut. ** Journalist’s note: Glen A. Larson was producer for all those brilliant/shit 80’s action shows; A-team, Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider, Quincey… he wrote the theme music for a lot of them too.**

Why Did You Disappear? - a pop song about getting lost on purpose..

Survivor: - (released on the EP, Nov 2001). A story inspired by mistaken rumours of an old friend’s death. So it’s about falling out of touch, with everything.

Business Is Good: - why be in a band? Inspired by a strange cobbler in Nottingham. He probably wasn’t the strange one of course.

Match Farm: - About building something precious and then having the overwhelming urge to kick it over.

Mirror Song: - probably the most gothic thing the band have done. Or ever will. Sam Hempton (ex Six by Seven, currently playing with Matthew Jay) provides additional guitar on this track.

Face Down in a fountain: Sums up what the whole album could be about. Important things in life are being overlooked. This is a warning. Be careful or we will drown in an unstoppable tide of celebrity gossip and selfish bullshit anger. Sadly, This is our way of dealing with it.

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1. A Trained Dog
2. Moonlit
3. Glen A Larson
4. Why Did You Disappear
5. Survivor
6. Business Is Good
7. Match Farm
8. The Mirror Song
9. Face Down In The Fountain