Mount Washington


Release Date: 10/31/2008 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 691

Washington are back with an album from the cold... Speaking of Washington, critics have always been quick to use Arctic references, ranting about some alleged Norwegian melancholy, darkness, and mourning. On one hand, these Arctic clichés are getting boring. On the other hand, coldness is definitely an integral part of „Rouge/Noir“ - lyrically as well as musically.

The third album of the trio from Tromsø is less catchy than its predeccessors. It keeps the promises Washington never made. With a lot of silence between the notes, sophisticated arrangements, and depth.

„Rouge/Noir“ lies in front of the listener like an uncharted landscape waiting to be conquered. No co-ordinates, just a few whispered names. This time, Washington are not awaiting us with arms wide open. They prefer to let us feel the cold. Rune Simonsen (vocals), Andreas Høyer (bass) and Esko Pedersen (drums) recorded „Rouge/Noir“ in the beginning of 2008 in Larsville Studios, Stugudal, a small village up in the mountains. During the recording sessions, the temperature went as low as -20 °C.

Simonsen tells us about sunken ships and untravelled roads in the woods. The traces of Americana that could be found on both the debut „A New Order Rising“ and its successor „Astral Sky“ have disappeared. Simonsen's highly acclaimed voice is the only guidepost.

But what does distance mean other than a space to come closer? Suddenly, „Rouge/Noir“ is becoming the warming fire in the unknown. Something familiar is found: The melancholy and the depth of „A New Order Rising“, the melodic accuracy and the grandezza of „Astral Sky“.

„Rouge/Noir“ is the most ambitious work of Washington up to now, and at the same time it is the logical consequence of its predecessors. With more guitars, a more open sound and a cunning production by Lars Lien (Motorpsycho, The International Tussler Society), who manages to capture the skilful balance between coldness and warmth in Washington's sound. The album was mastered in London's Metropolis Studios by Andy „Hippy“ Baldwin (Coldplay, Richard Ashcroft, Super Furry Animals).

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1. Rouge/Noir
2. Something Of A Voyage (Into The Underworld)
3. Last Of Eve
4. Andante
5. Appendix 1: As Waves Shape The Sea
6. Guerre de Rue
7. Another Sunset
8. Fresco
9. Black Ride

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