Mount Washington

A New Order Rising

Release Date: 06/27/2005 · Format: CD · Catalog-No: GR 637

After an extensive national tour in Norway, an album release and an invitation to join this years official popkomm-showcase, Washington has this fall shown themselves to be one of the finest acts in Norway these days. A great show at Popkomm lead to an immediate booking to Crossroads / Rockpalast Festival in Bonn, Germany at the 8th of March 2005 with a following European tour. The show will be broadcasted at WDR Rockpalast in may with an average of 150.000 viewers.

The young trio from Tromsø has just released their debut album “A New Order Rising” . The album was produced by Lars Lien (the producer of Motorpsycho) in Brygga Studios, Trondheim. The album has received solely great reviews by the Norwegian press.

Washington key-man is Rune Simonsen. He is the composer and writer of all the material. Devinely gifted, his voice can surely melt ice and must have been gotten to accompany the aurora borealis ( northern lights). Spending almost 6 of the year’s 12 months in total darkness up north, those northern lights just might have played a slight role in the bands melancholy sound. It is low-voiced and sincere, it is fabulous, it is dismal and beautiful. It is not assumed, but as real and credible as one only could wish.

Washington has been predicted a great future, and has been said to be the inheritors of the melancholy rock throne. Norway has produced a lot of fine acts like Madrugada and Midnight Choir to mention a few. Still Washington has managed to grow their own distinctive sound.

Rune Simonsen has to put up with the fact that he is being compared to a lot of different singers. Thom Yorke, Tim Buckley , Jeff Buckley, Jim Morrison, Tom McRae are a few. The fact that they all have tremendous great vocals, gives you an idea of what his and Washington potential is.

The Glitterhouse version of the album contains 2 bonus tracks.

Washington are:

Rune Simonsen - Voice and guitar Esko Pedersen - Drums Andreas Høyer - Bass "Rune Simonsens intense, almost crying voice brings back memories of Jeff Buckley" VG, Stein Østbø (norway’s biggest newspaper)

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1. Black Wine
2. Landslide
3. Walking Man
4. Have You Ever
5. Bluebird
6. Maker Of Time
7. River Run By Night
8. Hymn
9. A Long Poem About The Acts Of Heroes And Gods
10. Velvet Room
11. My Sea

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