Release Date: 06/14/2010 · Format: CD / LP · Catalog-No: GR 712

The voyage continues. It has become more subtle, more electronic, but still menacing. The music slowly moves from the desert towards the city. Let’s accompany Lilium for a while…

Lilium is in existence since 1984. It took more than ten years, however, to actually come to live. Pascal Humbert is Lilium. A Frenchman transplanted to the USA, the Mojave Desert to be exact. “I started to write my own music in the mid-80s, separately from all the bands and projects I was involved in. The name Lilium stuck in my head since childhood, but when I moved to the Mojave Desert in 1995 the music wanted to get out. I had everything on a 4-track recorder, I just needed to piece it together”, explains the long-time companion of David Eugene Edwards, who is releasing his own album “Threshing Floor” any minute now. David Eugene’s band is Wovenhand and Pascal Humbert plays bass in the band, just like he has done it in it’s predecessor 16 Horsepower.

The record Pascal Humbert put together in the second half of the nineties finally saw the light of day in 2000 on Glitterhouse Records. „Transmission Of All Goodbyes“ was an instrumental trip through the barren land of the Tex/Mex-border, a hallucinating, cinemascope voyage through flimmering heat and streets to nowhere. No Country For Old Men.

16 Horsepower disbanded in 2005. David Eugene Edwards continued as Wovenhand, without his former rhythm section. Humbert and drummer Jean-Yves Tola revitalized Lilium and recorded the second Album “Short Stories”. None of them considered themselves good enough singers, so they filled the void with guests like the wonderful Kal Cahoone, Czars-singer Tom Grant, Tom Barman of dEUS and even Dave Eugene Edwards on one song.

2010: Jean-Yves Tola has stopped doing music and devotes his time to breeding horses. Pascal Humbert has joined Wovenhand a few years ago, but keeps Lilium alive. Very much so, because Lilium is releasing their third album “Felt” in mid-May. Apart from Humbert, Lilium now consists of Bruno Green as the second full-time member. The recordings were done with Thomas Belhom (Tindersticks), Pedal Steel/Dobro wizard Vassillii Caillosse and Christian Lechevetrel (trumpet). On vocals we once agan hear the marvellous Kal Cahoone and for the first time Hugo Race, a well known Australian amongst Glitterhouse fans. “I wanted to work with Hugo for a long time. His voice blends so well with Kal’s. Making Lilium albums is always a long process. I am not in a hurry. Everything that happens in life happens for a reason.”

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01. Right Where You Are
02. Mama Bird
03. Open
04. Felt
05. Her Man Has Run
06. Lily Pool
07. Amsterdam - Paris
08. Miracle
09. One Bear With Me
10. Believer

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