Midnight Choir

Midnight Choir

Release Date: 03/28/2001 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

Reissue of Midnight Choir´s debut album, recorded in Fredericksburg/Texas in 1994 and produced by Andrew Hardin, guitar player for Tom Russell (amongst others). While it is surprising for a norwegian band to record in Texas it also makes a lot of sense, because Midnight Choir was highly influenced by Texas music and Americana at the time.

So we have Paal Flaata´s magic voice floating through American roots music, some of it written by others: Gene Clark´s “Gypsy Rider” seems tailormade for Flaata´s voice, “Turning Of Tide” (Richard Thompson) is American-ized and “Hearts Gone Wild” by Katy Moffatt & Tom Russell gets a nice treatment.

But they were also already finding their own style, with three gorgeous sundown-in-the-death-valley-style ballads that came at the end of this disc: “Mercy On The Street”, “Lonesome Drifter” and “Lift Me Up”.

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1. Talk To Me
2. Don’t Turn Out The Light
3. Gypsy Rider
4. What Am I Worth To You?
5. Turning Of The Tide
6. Hearts Gone Wild
7. Mercy On The Street
8. Rock Bottom
9. Lonesome Drifter
10. Lift Me Up