Midnight Choir

Unsung Heroine

Release Date: 09/01/2000 · Format: CD · Catalog-No:

Midnight Choir has undoubtedly become the Norwegian band most favoured by the critics since their 1994 debut. The group's commercial breakthrough came with "Amsterdam Stranded" - hardly a commercial album; opposing most existing trends in music. Some of the band's accomplishments since the "Amsterdam Stranded" release 16 hectic months ago are: A Norwegian "Grammy" award, trend magazine "Natt & Dag"s Oslo award, a return to the official national chart 12 months after the release, sell-out tours and standing ovations, release in Europe via Glitterhouse, rave reviews in Sweden and continental Europe, etc… The album is just about to go gold in Norway and refutes the argument that respectable sales can only be achieved through TV advertising.

English magazine MOJO had this to say about Amsterdam Stranded in it's March issue: "... Anyone drawing a line from Hank Williams through Patsy Cline then on to Gene Clark, Wilco and Lambchop might flinch to see it suddenly veer across the Atlantic and wind up in Norway - but, for the moment, that's where the world's most heart-shreddingly tuneful, alternative country rock is being made. Vocalist Paal Flaata has a distinct advantage over his contemporary US heroes in that, with a voice that makes Scott Walker sound like Little Jimmy Osmond, he can sing them all into a cocked Stetson..." !!!

"Unsung Heroine" is Midnight Choir's 4th album, and its 50 minutes of pure beauty is given the sensitive touch of writer Al DeLoner. As with all previous albums, "Unsung Heroine" is as original and beautiful an album as they have delivered since their 1994 debut. The album was recorded at "Studio Metro", Ljubljana and mixed at Swanyard, London; produced by Chris Eckman and engineered by Phill Brown. Special guests include Carla Torgerson of Walkabouts fame (vocals), master guitarist Robbie McIntosh (Paul McCartney, Pretenders, Talk Talk etc.) and Nils Petter Molvaer on trumpet.

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1. Double Blank
2. Electric Rain
3. Where Love Resides
4. Snow In Berlin
5. Empty Streets
6. Violence Of The World
7. She Came From West Virginia
8. Painting By Matisse
9. Unsung Heroine