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09/09/2016 Wovenhand Star Treatment GRCD 881 CD/2-LP(plus Download Code)/Digital Details
09/02/2016 Slim Cessna's Auto Club The Commandments According to SCAC GRCD 882 CD/LP(+Download Code)/Digital Details
08/26/2016 Andrea Schroeder Void GRCD 880 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
08/09/2016 Khmer Rouge Survivors They Will Kill You, If You Cry GBCD/LP 036 CD/LP/DIGITAL Details
06/24/2016 Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra Afro-Haitian Experimental Orchestra GBCD/LP 035 CD/LP+DL/DL Details
06/03/2016 Spain Carolina GRCD/LP (plus CD) 872 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
05/27/2016 Hugo Race Fatalists 24 Hours To Nowhere GRCD/LP (plus CD) 878 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
05/27/2016 M.A.K.U Soundsystem Mezcla GBCD/LP 034 CD/LP+DL/DL Details
04/29/2016 Damir Imamovič’s Sevdah Takht Dvojka GBCD/LP 033 CD/LP(+DL) Details
04/16/2016 Bixiga 70 The Copan Connection: Bixiga 70 meets Victor Rice GBLP 032 LP(+DL) Details
04/08/2016 Terry Lee Hale Bound, Chained, Fettered GRCD 871 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
04/01/2016 Every Song Has Its End: Sonic Dispatches from Traditional Mali Hidden Musics.2 GBCD/LP 029 (w/DVD) CD/LP/DVD Details
03/04/2016 Aziza Brahim Abbar el Hamada GBCD/LP 031 CD/LP/DIGITAL Details
03/04/2016 Vita Bergen Disconnection GRCD 868 CD/LP(+Downloadcode)/DIGITAL Details
02/19/2016 Joe Volk Happenings And Killings GRCD 856 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
02/05/2016 Chimurenga Renaissance Girlz with Gunz GBEP 030 12"/DIGITAL Details
01/29/2016 Rocky Votolato Sawdust and Shavings GRCD 877 CD/Digital Details
01/29/2016 XIXA Bloodline GRCD/LP (plus CD) 864 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
12/04/2015 The White Birch Star Is Just A Sun (remastered edition) GRCD/LP (plus CD) 854 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
11/27/2015 Nive & The Deer Children Feet First GRCD/LP (plus CD) 817 CD/LP(+CD)/DIGITAL Details
11/20/2015 Dennis Bovell Dub 4 Daze GBLP28 LP Details
11/13/2015 XIXA Shift and Shadow GRCD 865 Digital Details
11/06/2015 Hugo Race & The True Spirit False Idols GRLP 860 10" (+CD)/Digital Details
10/23/2015 Laraaji Ambient 3: Day of Radiance (Produced by Brian Eno) GBCD/LP 027 CD/LP(+CD) Details
10/09/2015 Die Nerven Out GRCD/LP 853 CD/LP(+Downloadcode)/DIGITAL Details