Joe Volk - new album in April!

posted at 01/02/2020

Joe Volk + ° N A I A R E ° will release their new album entitled 'PRIMITIVE ENERGETICS' April 24th with Glitterhouse Records! Happy new year!


I am extremely happy and relieved to announce that the album I've been working on with the band ° N A I A R E ° for over two years is now finally complete. It is currently in Hamburg being mastered. The album is called 'PRIMITIVE ENERGETICS'.

There will be a video to the track 'WHITESHEET' coming out in February, produced by my visual wizard friend John Minton. The album will have a full European digital / CD / vinyl release through Glitterhouse Records on 24th April. Spotify and Deezer and all those other FUCKS can frankly FUCK off and do one while they're at it, but it will be available on the DARK PLATFORMS too, and I send them so much love.

I lost myself in these songs during the process of making this record, and it was not an easy birth. However, I couldn't be happier with the end result. I nailed the vision right between my own eyes. I couldn't be more proud.

We really hope that anyone who listens to this record will be gifted something from it, on some level. Music is an incredible thing. To bring emotions, ideas, thoughts and feelings from your heart and imagination, and to be able to give them life and form in such a vessel is pure magic.

We are looking forward to launching ourselves directly into your respective faces on various stages throughout Europe in 2020. Follow the link for the record release party event at Rössli in Bern: More shows will be announced over the coming months, and more details about the record can be found in the 'about' section of the event, if you so desire.

I wish you all a peaceful new year, and all the best for the coming decade.

Thanks be eternal to Thys, Jürg, and Mishu."
- Joe Volk

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