Immanu El


Release Date: 11/24/2016 · Format: CD/LP (CD) · Catalog-No: GRCD/LP 890

A lot can happen in 5 years. Kids find their feet and learn to speak, people fall in love or drift apart. 5 years are a quite long time in real life but when you speak of music industry, 5 years are an endless long stretch. 5 years ago „In Passage“ was released, the 3rd and last album of Swedish Dream-Pop pioneers Immanu El. Why did it took so long to record the new album „Hibernation“?

The misery took its course in 2012 during a concert in Gothenburg. A group of cops showed up at the show and interupted Immanu El blaming them to have no permission to pour out alcoholto the audience. They stopped the gig and imposed a horrific fine on the band. Immanu El refused to pay the ticket. It was prior the bands 1st US tour, they knew if they’ll plead guilty they’ll might have trouble entering the United States. So they raised an objection which involved the whole band in a lawsuit over two years, ending up with a verdict of not being guilty: „the lawsuit was wasting our energy“, says Claes. No wonder that everyone in Immanu El was dying to write a new album when they weathered the storm.

But, where should they start? With „In Passage“ they already moved away from Postrock to Dream-Pop, writing focused and catchy songs. The new material should build on this development, being modern and electronic: „We recorded the last in album live within a few days. I’m pretty sure this wouldn’t be the right decision for the new songs“, says Claes Strängberg. So they decided for the first time ever to work on „Hibernation“ with a producer. At the top of the bands wish list was Swedish Grammy nominated producer Johan Eckeborn(Jonathan Johansson – Lebensraum).

The new songs are more focused than ever. The band already proved on the last album how catchy they can be. With their radio-friendly choruses new songs like „Voices“, „Winter Solstice“ or „Omega“ get to the point instantly, avoiding dramatic arrangements at all. Despite all the innovation „Hibernation“ still manages to sound like an Immanu El album: „We all agreed that we should record an overwhelming album now more than ever!“.

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1 Voices
2 Winter Solstice
3 Mt
4 Omega
5 Dvala
6 Hours
7 Completorium
8 Empty Hands