The White Birch

Star Is Just A Sun

Release Date: 04/12/2015 · Format: CD/LP (+CD) · Catalog-No: GRCD/LP 854

“What is happiness?” asks Ulf Rodge in a bar in Berlin on a September evening in 2014. „What is this actually?“

Rodge played keyboards and bass in The White Birch. Together with Hans Christian Almendingen and Ola Flottum he released four albums and one ep between 1996 and 2005. After that the band disappeared until Flottum returned with the new album „The Weight Of Spring“ in 2015.

13 years before, when the Twin Towers in New York crashed down and bands like The White Stripes, The Strokes and even The Libertines urged the renaissance of the rock guitar, The White Birch released its masterpiece „Star Is Just A Sun“ with Glitterhouse Records. Keyboard spaces, Piano melodies, soundscapes, a slow pulsating bass, quiet drums and Flottums warm, high voice adding even more gentle textures.

The White Birch are from Oslo, Norway and were musical comrades to Savoy Grand. It was the second wave of Slo-Core. Different to their British label mates from Nottingham The White Birch spread out a warm carpet: on one side depressingly heavy and on the other gentle. Their sound was painted in a dark, blurry yellow, like falling leaves in autumn.

„There's no beauty without darkness“, The White Birch once said, and put earth-coloured shadows upon their sweet melodies.
Slowness versus faster rotating news and versus the beginning of the digital age. It was the second wave of Slo-Core. Maybe Star Is Just A Sun only could emerge at that period. A monument to silence.

At that time print media was the gatekeeper to most music afficionados. It was the word of mouth - and rarely the new blogs - that told about the existence of this new band. Such a group was The White Birch in 2002. They brought Pop into slowness.
„Happiness“, somebody says, „well, it happens. It just appears. And when it does, we won't recognize it, but when it disappears we'll search for it.“

Like Mark Hollis’ masterpiece „The Colour of Spring“, Slints „Spiderland“, „Frigid Stars“ by Codeine, or even „Burn The Furniture“ by Savoy Grand - Star Is Just A Sun stands the test of time. A painting without darkness can't be warm and beautiful. For six years Star Is Just A Sun wasn't available, it never was released on vinyl. Helge Sten (Supersilent, Motorpsycho, Nils Petter Molvaer) remastered the original tapes. This winter Glitterhouse Records will release a vinyl-version for the first time as well as the CD (digipak) plus booklet.
Let yourself fall into Star Is Just A Sun and the subtle singing of Ola Flottum. The power of silence. “Love Is So Real, I disguise what I feel” (author: Stephan Uersfeld)

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